IT’S YOUR MEDIA— RUN IT! Announcing the Media Co-op AGM 2012

Sep 11, 2012

IT’S YOUR MEDIA— RUN IT! Announcing the Media Co-op AGM 2012

IT’S YOUR MEDIA— RUN IT! Announcing the Media Co-op AGM 2012

We're organizing our Annual General Meeting for 2012!

Annual General Meetings are where members come together to discuss the past year's successes and challanges, elect new board members, propose and vote on policy and pprove the annual budget

The reason the Media Co-op is a co-op, and not a regular non-profit, is because members have a say in developing the nature and activities of the organization. This is reflected in our day-to-day practice, while the AGM provides a formally recognized forum for us to get together and decide on how we want to see the Media Co-op develop.
WHAT: Media Co-op 2012 AGM

WHEN: Tuesday, September 25th, 6pm Eastern time


Montreal: #501 - 2019 Moreau (buzz 149) @ 6pm EST (Doors at 5:30)

Vancouver: 700-207 West Hastings St. @ 3pm PST

Toronto: 27 Carlton St, Ste 50 @ 6pm EST

Halifax: Chebucto Coffee, 6340 Chebucto Road (Corner of Chebucto and Kline), @ 7pm AST (Doors at 6:30)

Members can also attend live online, or by phone.

HOW: Beyond attending a meet-up if you live in a city with a local, you can participate in the AGM several ways.

1. By phone: By calling in to one of the numbers below and entering code: 4510934.

You can call in via a long list of local call-in numbers for free. Here are a few:

Halifax +1 902 982 6930

Montreal +1 514 907 9065
Vancouver +1 778 786 8222
More numbers from cities across Canada and internationally available here.
Toll free Canada: +1 866 662 0780

Toll free US: +1 888 633 6853

2. By Skype: Add user calliflowerskype and enter meeting code: 4510934.

3. By chat & live video stream: You can view the live stream and participate by chat here: Please make sure to identify yourself when you join the chat.

Everyone is welcome, though you must be a member to vote.

The AGM will be facilitated in Montreal.

1. Appointment of facilitator

2. Appointment of secretary

3. Approval of agenda

4. Minutes from 2011 AGM, approval of 2011 AGM Attendance

5. Bylaw amendment of definition of contributor member in bylaws (see below)

6. Bylaw amendment of definition of editor member in bylaws (see below)

7. Bylaw amendment to the composition of the Board of Directors (see below)

8. Board elections (Check out the nominees here!)

9. Presentation and adoption of financial statements 20011/12 fiscal year (Download PDF)

10. Resolution to forgo an audit in favour of a compilation for the 2012/2013 financial year  (see below)

11. Year in review: presentation and adoption of annual report (coming soon!)

12. Presentation of budget for 2012/2013 fiscal year (Download PDF of the budget; Download PDF of the budget presentation)

13. Other business

14. Adjournment

For current by-laws, click here.
1. Contributor Member Amendment
WHEREAS the current definition of CONTRIBUTOR MEMBER of the Co-op in the bylaws does not adequately account for the contributions of all contributors 

WHEREAS the lack of specificity of the current definition of CONTRIBUTOR MEMBER could allow for abuse of this membership category,

BE IT RESOLVED to amend the definition of CONTRIBUTOR MEMBER in the Co-op's bylaws to the following:

Contributor Members.  

a. Each Contributor Member must have done one of the following:
i) made two contributions to The Dominion prior to becoming a member (a contribution to The Dominion includes but is not limited to photography, illustration, comics, editing, copy editing and writing), at least one of which was made within the past year; or
ii) contributed four editor-reviewed posts to any Media Co-op Local website in the past year; or
iii) been recognized by a Local Media Co-op editorial committee as having contributed eight hours or more work to the Co-op.
b. Contributor Members must pay annual membership dues as set by the board, and be recognized in a motion passed by the Board.

2. Editor Member Amendment

WHEREAS the goal of editor members was to include editors working on the day-to-day business of the Media Co-op and

WHEREAS changes in structure have resulted in most editors currently putting in an average of 10 hrs of work per week (instead of 20),

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the point 14 a) of the by-laws be amended to read:

Each Managing Editor Member must have worked (not necessarily paid work) for at least 10 hours a week for the Co-op for three months before becoming a member.

3. Board Structure Amendment

WHEREAS the growth of the Co-op has led to an increase in the responsabilties of the Board of Directors,

WHEREAS the small size of the current board hinders the ability of the board to fulfill their mandates, and

WHEREAS having representation of locals on the board of directors will facilitate the overall functioning of the Co-op and will also aid in increasing both input from and communications to the locals

BE IT RESOLVED THAT article 30 in the by-laws be amended to the following:

30. Composition.  The affairs of the Co-op shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of one (1) director elected from the class Reader Members, one (1) director elected from the class of Contributor Members, three (3) directors elected the class of Managing Editor Members, and one (1) member from each officially-recognized local. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT article 35 be amended to the following:
35. Voting for directors
a. Each class of members will be eligible to vote for the directors representing their class.
b. Members of locals will be eligible to vote for the director representing their local.
c. The Co-op will ensure that should the Annual General Meeting be held electronically that members will have an appropriate way to vote and confidentiality will be maintained.

You can consult the current by-laws here.
Resolution to forgo an audit in favour of a compilation for the 2011/2012 financial year

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the membership will waive the requirement of an audit for the financial year ending March 31, 2012 and instead will opt for a compilation.

The difference between an audit and compilation is in the amount of work, scrutiny, rigor required in order to sign off on the financial statement report. A compilation is adequate for filing taxes and is much cheaper.

Questions about the AGM? Email