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Crystel Hajjar
Candidate for: Contributor Member Representative

Crystel Hajjar is an Ottawa based organizer and a journalist. She is on the editorial board of the local community paper The Leveller and is working with alternative media in Ottawa. She has been involved with the Media Co-op, first as a contributor and later as an organizer with the Ottawa Working Group. Crystel has been an active organizer in the Canadian climate movement since 2006, primarily with the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition and was part of the media and communication team of Canadian Youth Delegation to the UNFCCC Climate negotiations, in Durban, South Africa, in December, 2011. A feminist and an anti-war activist, Crystel has been actively trying to connect with various movements to learn about the interlinkages and similarities between them.


Miles Howe
Candidate for: Editor Member Representative

Hi, my name is Miles Howe and I'm interested in running for the position of editorial member of the board. I've been writing for the media co-op for almost two years now, and have been employed by the Dominion as the Halifax-based editor since January of this year. I truly enjoy being part of what I feel is an extremely important facet of the Canadian media landscape, and appreciate both the freedom it has given myself, and others across the country, to own our media. I am excited by the future possibilities of the media co-op and the Dominion, and can't wait to share some of the ideas that have made the Halifax Media Co-op so succesful, with the rest of the national co-operative. In Halifax we have created paid positions, initiatives, and are now able to solicit paid articles at all times of the month. We are now dealing with several articles being posted per week, rather than per month, and our future growth is only hindered by our own imaginations. 


Maryann Abbs
Candidate for: Vancouver Media Co-op Representative

Thanks to all for the opportunity to run for the board of the Media Co-op. I have been a member of the Vancouver Media Co-op local for the past 2 years and an avid reader of the Dominion magazine. Currently, I work as a herbalist, community organizer and educator.  My home is in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories where I am a member of the Mining Justice Alliance, and a board member of Freedonia.  My past media experience includes working on the Latin America Connexions Newspaper collective for 14 years, and being a board member of Vancouver Co-operative Radio. Thanks, and in solidarity, Maryann Abbs

Palmira Boutillier
Candidate for: Halifax Media Co-op Representative

Hello Media Cooperators, My name is Palmira Boutillier and I have been an active part of the Halifax Media Co-op for ~1.5 years as a contributor, ~1 year as part of the editorial collective and ~1 year as a sustainer. I love the media co-op and want to see it grow and thrive and take over the media landscape. I am interested in working to integrate more between the national media co-op and locals, to disseminate what is going on at a national level to the locals and visa-versa. The media co-op's power and potential is in its membership: readers, writers, editors and volunteers. I am interested in helping all members feel like members. By tapping the knowledge and diversity contained within the membership and supporting people's unique contributions to the co-op I think we can find the solutions to problems and grow the co-op into an engaged media community. Please consider my nomination to the Board of Directors as the Halifax local representative. Thanks! 


Stéfanie Clermont
Candidate for: Co-op Media de Montréal Representative

I would like to nominate myself for the board of directors as the local rep for Montréal. I have been a member of the media coop for the past seven months and have contributed many audio piece as well as a few written pieces. I have also been attending the Montreal Media Coop meetings and participated in our latest fundraising event. I am one of the editors for the local coop, so I am very familiar with the content of our website. On the few occasions where there was controversy about an article posted on our website, I participated to dealing with the author and discussing what changes needed to be brought to the article in order to respect our mandate. Most of what I have contributed to the media coop has been reporting on the Québec student strike. I produce content in french and in english. As a francophone, I feel that I would be a good rep for the Montréal area. As a feminist woman, I feel that I have a solid perspective to bring to a board of directors. I have also contributed an article to the Dominion earlier this year. I would love to learn more about the structure of the media coop, including finances and fundraising. 

Geordie Dent
Candidate for: Toronto Media Co-op Representative
My name is Geordie Dent, and I would like to apply for the Board of directors. I currenlty manage a non-profit and believe my experience in finance and administration could help in terms of running the operational aspects of the Board.  I've been involved with the Dominion Newspaper Co-operative since 2006 and am actively involved in the Toronto Media Co-op. 
Through my work with the Media C-op in the past, I think I would have an excellent link to the various people within the network.  My work with tenants in Toronto has given me experience in making difficult choices as well: overseeing staff, hiring, layoffs, restructuring, making use of scant resources, doing things cheaper, dealing with people with behavioral or mental health issues, dealing with complaints and learning copious amounts of information in a short time.
Though I don't have to deal with that all the time, and hope I don't have to deal with many of those issues at the Dominion/Media Co-op, I hope that I would be able to use that experience if necessary.


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