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Žižek: Don't be Afraid to Really Want What You Desire

Renowned theorist speaks at Occupy Wall Street

by Tim McSorley

Žižek: Don't be Afraid to Really Want What You Desire

Slavoj Žižek, the theorist who has made a name for himself through animated, sometimes entertaining, always pertinent, cultural critiques, spoke at Occupy Wall Street last Sunday. He was enthusiastic and supportive, telling the several hundred listeners that he saw them as breaking through the lies and misrepresentations of current political leaders and mainstream media,

He was also cautionary, warning the protesters to be wary of false allies, and to not allow the occupation to simply become a "carnival" which, once it is done, we simply get together to laugh and reminisce about over beer in the future.

He also compares the movement to Looney Toons cartoons and tells jokes about communist Russia. Take a listen.

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