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Songs smuggled out of the '60's

by John Paul Jacobson

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Topics: Peace/War

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Jakespeare (John Jacobson)
Brandon, Manitoba
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I am a singer/songwriter/personal care worker/university student/father of a teenager working on a screenplay trying to stay hitched up to with great big everything. My home, hearth and songs are open to all Dominion people. My musical blog is

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bar baz


Lyrics & Chords to Pictures

D) A picture can't (G) lie...but it can tell its own (D) story
in your (Bm) mind and in your (A) eye
any (G) see the (Bm) sun (A) shine (G) warm
take your (D) picture and see the (A) Storm

Just let your (G) hands pick up your (D) camera
and let your (Bm) heart pick up your (A) mind
and let your (G) Faith...shine back (Bm) your (A) true (G) Love
See? I'm a (D) Picture out on your (A) page!!!

Possible Instrumental sequence

And you can see the (G) World
it's all a (D) round you-
and every (Bm) day...there's a new out(A)rage.
So if you (G) care...Won't you (Bm) keep (A) in (G) touch
take your (D) pictures...and take (A) enough

…because a picture can't (G)lie
but it can tell it's own (D)story
in your (Bm) mind and in your (A)eye
Any(G) see the (Bm) Sun (A) shine (G) warm
take your (D) picture...and see the (A) Storm. ( abrupt fade )

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