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GroundWire Sept.11-Sept.18 | Remembering Darcy Allan Sheppard, Pedal for the Planet

Toronto Couriers mourn Sheppard, UHIP not enough for international students, First nations resist mine in Big Lake

by GroundWire

Welcome to this edition of GroundWire: Community Radio News from across Canada. Headlines include: -Pedal for the Planet on the way to Ottawa | Kesten Broughton -Remembering Darcy Allan Sheppard, colleagues mourn Toronto bike courier | Jacky Tuinstra Harrison CHRY Features: - OHIP for International Students: Why the UHIP plan won't do| Christopher Currier CFRC - Author Rod Michalko discusses his book, "The Difference That Disability Makes" | Catherine MacDonald and Paul Daniel VoicePrint - First Nations resistance to platinum mine in Big Lake | Courtney Kirkby CKUT Host(s): Kavita B & Scott Stevens Music by The Gertrudes and P.S I Love You.

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