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GroundWire 2010 Games: From the Ground

A GroundWire special edition

by GroundWire

GroundWire: Community Radio News
GroundWire: Community Radio News

GroundWire 2010 Games: From the Ground.

In this Special Edition, GroundWire journalists across Canada examine the social, political and economic costs of the 2010 Games.

Mega-events like the Olympics are full of images of amateur sports, personal achievement, and national unity. But voices against the Olympics tell a different story; one of expropriation of land, homelessness, unequal development, and debt. These voices have put a spotlight on social cleansing, government and corporate surveillance, criminalizing dissent, and corruption.


From Montreal - Have the Olympic Games become the largest vehicle for muzzling free speech? | David Koch | CKUT

From Windsor - Ontario Paralympic representatives talk about funding, support and issues of equality for Paralympic athletes as they prepare for March 2010.  | Cam Wells | CJAM

From Vancouver - The hosts of Latin Waves on CJSF bring us their interview with Phil Lagood, from 2010 Watch, and his tabulation of Olympic costs thus far. | Stuart and Sylvia Richardson | CJSF

From Toronto - On November 19th, an Industrial Inquiry was ordered after recent pressure from the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the Olympics (VANOC) forced CUPE ambulance workers back to work in time for the Vancouver Olympics. | Ashkon Hobooti | CHRY


From Athens, Greece - Matthew Fava of CHRY talks with Erikos, who illustrates the fallout of the Athens Games. And in Toronto Joeita Gupta talks with Matthew about Toronto's recent opposition to the now-successful PanAm Games bid.

From Halifax - First Nations voices discuss the appropriation of aboriginal culture and the plans for disrupting the 2010 Olympics . David Parker talks with Native activists Ange Sterrit, Dustin Johnson, Kanahus Pellkey and Gord Hill.


Smithers Community Radio Society, BC, breaks down what it takes to start a station from scratch. | Alissa Tutay | CHRY

Technical Production: Michael Elves | UMFM in Winnipeg

Music by: Joey Only Outlaw Band, Sound Resistance Radio, Talkin' 2010 Armageddon

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