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February 1 - February 14

by CJAM 99.1 FM


GroundWire Community Radio News: Haiti Special Feature Ready for Broadcast This week's edition produced by CJAM in Windsor Ontario. The Headlines

-Protesting Prorogation. On the Ground in Windsor, citizens demand a return to democracy in Canada, joining the nationwide rallies against the Conservatives' suspension of Parliament. Paul Chislett and Matt Weingarden|CJAM, Windsor.

-A victory for a breastfeeding mom in Newmarket, Ontario. Omme Rahemtullah|CHRY, Toronto

-Enbridge's new Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal violates the rights of the Wet'suwet'en First Nation. Hereditary Chief Ron Austin and David deWit speak out, while Nikki Skuce talks about Ethical energy. Craig Paulson|CICKSmithers, B.C.

Community Radio Report

-This week Melanie Grant descibes how the Truro Performing Arts Society of Truro, Nova Scotia grew to nurture Truro Community Radio- a station founded on the arts. Cam Wells|CJAM, Windsor

The Features

- An Alternative Eye on Haiti: Haiti's historical militarization continues as over 25,000 troops crowd the nation. Haitians in Canada examine efforts to rebuild following the devastating earthquake of January 12th, and explore competing visions for Haiti's future. Margaret Barnet, Anthony Morgan, Mary Pierre and others raise their voices. Courtney Kirkby and Chris Scott| CKUT, Montreal.

- Homeless in Toronto's Allen Gardens. A visit to one of Toronto's hotspots for sleeping rough, brings the perspectives of people who share the park, as well as community workers, who discuss the need for a new thinking on homelessness. GroundWire speaks with Cheryl Miller, Rob Callajan, Michael Shepcott, Pascal Murphy and others. Production by Jessie Curell, Ryan Zak and Brian Cauley- MA students in Ryerson's Media Production Program. This edition of Groundwire produced by CJAM in Windsor, Ontario. Music by Travis Reitsma.

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