Riot 2010!

Feb 14, 2010

Riot 2010!

Converge!  Converge!
If we don’t than we can rest assured that our voice will once more go
unheard by the fascist, corporate right!
Unite!  Unite!
We need to stand together strong and fight a police state created to
neutralize and silence all dissent.

The power’s in our hands!
We’ll get what we demand!
No games on stolen land!
RIOT 2010!

Fight Back! Fight Back!
Before they execute another planned attack that displaces thousands,
creates massive debts and destroys our environment.
Resist!  Resist!
For every medal won we will raise a fist in solidarity to extinguish a
flame they thought would never die!

Written and performed by Class War Kids. Special thanks to Rebel Time Records.