Another world is happening: An interview with Invincible

Sep 23, 2010

Another world is happening: An interview with Invincible

We interviewed Invincible, a Detroit hip hop artist and activist, after her show at the LOLA music and arts festival in London, Ontario, Canada. At LOLA, Invincible performed with Miz Korona and DJ Dez.

During the interview, Invincible shares her views about the role of hip hop in cultivating social change.  She communicates the experiences and wisdom from communities in Detroit (Michigan) throughout the recording.

Some of what Invincible had to say revolves around the "Detroit Summer" / "Emergence" single which she recently released with Waajeed.

This interview was recorded and edited for the Media Co-op, and a local radio station (CHRW).

The SafeSpace project that Invincible mentions is a local support centre for sex workers and women in crisis here in London, Ontario. The SafeSpace "model is one of empowerment with the goal of meeting women where they're at and helping sex workers operate with safety and with dignity."