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Canada's Dumping Problems

And the War on Garbage And Toxic Waste

by Mildred German

Canada's Dumping Problems

Canada's Dumping Problems

the War on Garbage & Toxic Waste

Mildred German of CFRO, Vancouver Coop Radio & Media Coop will be interviewing long-time activist Ted Alcuitas, the publisher of the on the issue of Philippines/Canada issues around garbage, and and Miranda Dick, of the Secwepemc nation around the Elders Sacred Fire in Turtle Valley that is currently stopping biosolids from being dumped in Secwepmeculcw.

The conversations will be in relation to the controversial Grade B Biosolids, which contain pathogens, from being dumped on the Secwepemc Territory from the City of Kamloops BC. Many cities across Canada are dumping biosolids in smaller rural communties across the country. On an international level, Canada created tensions with garbage issues leading to President of the Philippines Rodrigo Roa Duterte declaring war on Canada unless the country takes back the illegal 103 freight containers toxic waste that they shipped to the Philippines six years ago. Do recycling programs and other clean-up really work? Waste is a crucial topic to be discussed, including the waste of the Canadian mining corporations too.

Feathuring music by:

  • Us, by Ruby Ibarra, Rocky Rivera, Klassy, and Faith Santilla

  • Where you from?, by Bambu

  • Paraiso, by Smokey Mountains

  • Masdan Mo ang Kapaligiran, by Asin

Ted Alcuitas' Background:
Ted Alcuitas, a long time journalist and community activist; editor and publisher of the, the First and Only Online Newspaper Linking the Filipino Communities Across Canada.

Miranda Dick's, Background:
Miranda Dick From the Secwepemc Nation currently living in the interior. She has six children, she and her partner are raising. Cares take large Secwepmeculcw and to the largest Salmon Spawning grounds of the upper Adams Glaciers caring for watershed protection. She has worked on many projects: Secwepmec language, Salmon Caravan, basketry, Sewepmec Songs, and dances. And many more grassroots organization.





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