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CKUT's Off the Hour: Manuel Sanchez Speaks Out Against Deportation

Interview with Ed Lee, part of Manuel's support committee

by Nicole Ebert

CKUT's Off the Hour: Manuel Sanchez Speaks Out Against Deportation

Thursday, July 26th the Canadian government will be proceeding with the deportation of Manuel Sanchez, even though persecution, violence and threats to his life await him in Mexico. Many organizations are denouncing the immigration policies that allow for this outcome and refugee bill C-31.

Nicole Ebert from CKUT spoke with Ed Lee who is working in solidarity with Manuel Sanchez.


Message from Support Committee:

“It’s an incredibly traumatizing experience to be detained. I am not a criminal, I only asked for help. I cannot believe that they hold families here with young children and some people have been here for months” - Manuel
Mexicains unis pour la régularisation (MUR), Action LGBTQ avec immigrants et réfugiés (AGIR), Action santé travesti(e)s et transsexuel(le)s du Québec (ASTT(e)Q), Arc-en-ciel d’Afrique, Au-delà de l’arc-en-ciel (ADA),  Conseil Québécois des Gais et Lesbiennes (CQGL), Immigrant Workers Centre (IWC),  Solidarity Across Borders, Dignidad migrante, Gais et lesbiennes asiatiques de Montréal (GLAM) denounce the decision of the Canadian government to proceed with the deportation of Manuel, a gay Mexican citizen who came to Montreal to seek asylum due to persecution he faced because of his sexual orientation. We continue to urge Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney intervene and use his discretionary powers to grant Manuel permanent residency status. In addition, we request that a stay of deportation occur until the Inter-American Commission Human Rights (IACHR) has been able to make a decision based on their investigation.
Here are the concrete actions that you can take:
1)      Forward this Press Release to your networks

3)      Write a letter of support for Manuel (please e-mail if you are interested)
4)      Along with members of various migrant justice and LGBTQ rights groups, you are invited to  going to the airport, by International Departures and Westjet, at 4pm on July 26th in order to denounce Manuel's deportation. 



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Topics: Migration

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