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Demise of CIDA lefts the veil off Canadain aid

Nik Barry-Shaw on the demise of CIDA

by Scott Price

Canada's conservative federal goverment announced in it's budget that CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) will be rolled into a new department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development. This has sparked some out cry from NGOs, saying that this move limits the independence of development NGOs. Others have praised the move saying it will make Canadian aid more effective.

While this has been the two dominate narratives in the media both lack a critical analysis of both the historical and current context of Canadian aid and foreign policy. Author and researcher Nik Barry-Shaw supplies this critical analysis of Canadian aid and international development.

Nik Barry-Shaw is an independent researcher, member of the Canada Haiti Action Network and co-author of Paved with Good intentions:Canada's development NGOs from Idealism to Imperialism.

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16:54-interivew with Nik Barry-Shaw
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52:25-closing out of show

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