GroundWire | August 4, 2014

Aug 5, 2014

GroundWire | August 4, 2014

This week GroundWire was produced on traditional Anishinaabe and Metis territory at CKUW  in Winnipeg Manitoba.


Hosted by:  Raegan Hedley and  Mathew Joseph





The Canadian Civil Liberties Association releases new report criticising pretrial detention and the bail system in Canada. | Catherine Fisher CJLY


The United Nations High Commission for Human Rights says Canada should release a man detained for eight years over immigration violations.  | Sarah Newton, WhiStle Radio


A traditional indigenous Copper Breaking ceremony on Parliament Hill| Rachel Swatek , NCRA





Rallies take place across Canada to mourn the more than 1360 people who have died in Gaza and put pressure on Israel to prevent future massacres. | Aaron Lakoff, CKUT


Winnipeg Fringe Festival performer Theresa Thompson talks about reactions to her role in the play “Lies of a Promiscuous Woman” | Anna Sigrithur and Jen Unwin, CKUW


A BC woman who was charged for her refusal to complete the 2011 short-form census.  | Courtney Harrop, CJMP



Community Radio Report:


A look at the 6th annual Prisoners’ Justice Day at CFRC in Kingston, Ontario | Brenna Owen, CFRC



GroundWire thanks:

Victoria King, Rheal Gautier, Eric Giannuzzi and Rachel Swatek