GroundWire Community Radio News Oct 7, 2013

Oct 8, 2013

GroundWire Community Radio News Oct 7, 2013


GroundWire Community Radio News October 7th


This episode of GroundWire was produced by Carly Forbes at CILU on Fort William First Nations Traditional Territory in Thunder Bay Ontario


Federal Prisoners on General Strike against the Offender Accountability Initiative | Prison Radio, CKUT


Community members protest the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal for publishing a Transphobic Editorial | Carly Forbes, CILU



The Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg refuses to use the word genocide in its exhibit about the Canadian state's treatment of its indigenous peoples | Micheal Welch, Jordan Poitras and Chris Reed, CKUW


Immigration Detainees on Hunger Strike in the CECC | Mina Ramos and Candice Cascanette, CFRU and CKUT


Truth and Reconciliation in Sliammon First Nations Territory | Courtney Harrop and Claudia Mendino, CJMP


Reflecting on the full Moon Memory Walk and the Sisters in Spirit Vigil | Carly Forbes, CILU


Community Radio Report on the end of Free Speech Radio News | Aaron Lakoff, CKUT