GroundWire | January 19, 2015

Jan 20, 2015

GroundWire | January 19, 2015

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This edition was produced by Marilla Steuter-Martin, and presented by Marilla and Saturn De Los Angeles, at CJLO on unceded Mohawk territory in Montréal. 


Freezing to death on the streets of Toronto. | Victoria Xie, CKUT

Vancouver transit police report 328 people to the Canadian Border Services Agency | Konstantin Prodandanovic, CiTR


Muslim perspectives on Charlie Hebdo attacks | Marilla Steuter-Martin, CJLO; Michael Welch, CKUW, and Aaron Lakoff, CKUT

Accessibility in the Ottawa punk and DIY community | Ophira Horwitz and Rachel Wheldon, with audio recorded by Mackenzie Smedmor

Women speak out against the Dalhousie dentistry scandal | Laura Peek, CKDU, with audio recorded by the Dalhousie Student Union

Community Radio Report:

Community Radio Fund of Canada increases funding for campus and community radio stations | Marilla Steuter-Martin, CJLO and Ophira Horwitz

We thank Emily McQuarrie, Frieda Werden, Carly Forbes, Audrey D. Luffy, Leila Lemghalef, Carmella Farahbakhsh, and Ophira Horwitz.

This week we played Pizza Shark by Bonnie Doon and Where I’m Going by Boyhood. You can purchase the tracks here: