GroundWire | January 5, 2015

Jan 6, 2015

GroundWire | January 5, 2015

This edition of GroundWire was produced on Algonquin territory in Ottawa by Tom Radford, Ophira Horwitz, and Audrey D. Luffy on unceded Algonquin territory in Ottawa, and by Jessie Wins on Attawandaron territory in Guelph.

This week we bring you a special year-in-review featuring the hottest stories from 2014. Jessie Wins presented Bill C-36, Ophira Horwitz covered oil pipelines, and Audrey D. Luffy talked about missing and murdered Indigenous women.

The stories that we featured on the show were collected over the course of the year. See below for a list of stories, airdates, and download links.

Stories about Bill C-36 were by Rachel Swatek, Amelie Philipson, Maegan Thomas, Layla Lemghalef, and Carly Forbes.

Stories about pipelines were by Michael Welch, Nicky Young, and Jay Peachy.

And the stories by missing and murdered Indigenous women were by Meghan Murphy, Ophira Horwitz, and Jessie Wins.

We thank Ed von Aderkas, Jason Armstrong, and Jay Jackson for their feedback. And we thank Tom again for staying up late to produce this episode.

We erroneously say that Rachel is from CFUV, but we know that she lives in Ottawa and worked for the NCRA as the GroundWire Coordinator last summer!


Sex Workers:

June 9

Sex workers speak out against Bill C-36, The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act | Rachel Swatek, NCRA


June 23

Feature: Sex workers and advocates are speaking out against Bill C-36, the government's proposed new sex-work legislation. | Amélie Phillipson, CKUT


September 1

Headline: The Victoria Sexual Assault Centre supports PEERS senate submission opposing Bill C-36 | Maegan Thomas, CJSF


September 15

Feature: Sex Workers testify against Bill C36 in Ottawa - Layla Lemghalef, CKUT


December 22

Headline: Sex Workers rally against Bill C-36 on the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers | Carly Forbes, CILU


April 7

Feature: Indigenous resistance to the Energy East pipeline | Michael Welch, CKUW


November 10

Headline: Anti-pipeline protestors took to social media last week to post their best #KMFace following Kinder Morgan`s court case to remove protestors from their TransMountain Pipeline project site on Burnaby Mountain near Vancouver| Jay Peachy, CJSF


December 22

Headline: Protestors march to Premier Wynne's residence in Toronto to raise concerns about the Energy East pipeline | Nicky Young, Toronto Media Coop


Missing and murdered Indigenous women:


December 8

Feature: The Feminist Alliance for International Action launches a campaign to to raise awareness of two forthcoming focused on Canada's missing aboriginal women | Meghan Murphy, CJSF


November 10

Feature: Walking with Our Sisters : an art installation that honors the lives of missing and murdered indigenous women across Canada comes to Ottawa | Ophira Horwitz


October 27

Headline: The National Aboriginal Women's Summit takes place in Membertou, Nova Scotia. | Ophira Horwitz


October 13

Sisters in Spirit organized a vigil in Guelph to honor Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Jessie Winokur, CFRU