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GroundWire News - March 12, 2013 edition

GroundWire News - March 12, 2013 edition

This edition was produced by Erin Hudson at CKUT in Montreal Quebec.


The street never forgets and never forgives; March 17 marks the 17th International Day Against Police Brutality

Porter Airlines, a small airline operating out of Toronto Island’s Billy Bishop Airport is in bargaining with 22 of its workers, who walked off the job mid-January

A new project for abolition across Canada and the United States calls for contributions

Seven community television stations will now be available on Bell satellite much to the celebration of community broadcasters

On March 7 the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty staged an occupation of Metro Hall, refusing to leave after the City of Toronto made their intent to close down the shelter and re-stated their demands from a winter of actions

Finally the first annual Native hip hop festival will take place this August in Vancouver. Email for more information


Interview with Jennifer Allan of the Vancouver Cop Watch about the Human Rights Report on the RCMP and violence against Aboriginal Women – Helen Polychronakos, Rabble podcast The F Word

Next why genetically modified alfalfa is an important struggle for farmers and all of us too – Lucy Sharratt, CBAN

Interview with one environmentalist depicted in the recent documentary Eco Warriors, Derrick Jensen. The film examines the trend of labeling environmentalists as eco-terrorists and environmentalism as eco-terrorism

Finally Aaron Lakoff for Free Speech Radio News follows up on the Quebec summit on higher education held at the end of February

Community Radio Report:

Coming from CKGI on Gabriola Island in BC, a public and interactive dramatic community radio production is in the works and looking for talent, contact producer John Hague at for more information

Music this week was by Samian.                         

Headlines this week were written by Erin Hudson.

We also thank Aaron Lakoff, Helen Polychronakos, Lucy Sharratt and Frieda Warren.

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