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Nuclear, Tar Sands, Our Future: Making the Connections

Panelists and attendees discuss the nuclear agenda in Saskatchewan, its connection to tar sands expansion in Alberta and the implications for our future.

Nuclear, Tar Sands, Our Future: Making the Connections

To listen to the audio of the event, if the buffering takes a while, download the audio to hear what these amazing panelists had to say yesterday evening in Saskatoon!


Karen Rooney


D'Arcy Hande is the author of Follow the Yellowcake Road, a piece that was first published earlier this year in Briarpatch Magazine. It sparked a lot of discussion around the "greening" of the tar sands and really alerted many people across the country to the situation happening in Saskatchewan. He is one of the founding members of the HUES3 campaign (Health, Uranium, Environment: Sustainability, Survival and Solidarity), a volunteer run group with a shared vision for a Saskatchewan where our natural resources will be utilized for the benefit of all society and where we can build an economy that will be sustainable for generations to come.

Eileen Bear is a member of the Committee for Future Generations, a group was originally formed by citizens in northern Saskatchewan concerned about secrecy in current proposals to make northern Sask. a nuclear waste storage site. They have been active in speaking out against the targeting of three northern communities as nuclear waste burial sites and were the organizers of the 2011 7000 Generations walk from Pinehouse to Regina to raise awareness about the issue.

Cameron Fenton is the director of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition. Cam has been actively involved in climate justice organizing for years, from the Wings of Change program educating youth about climate change and climate justice, to being one of the main organizers behind PowerShift 2012, a 4 day gathering in October taking place in Ottawa with the goal of building a strong youth climate justice movement.

Megan Van Buskirk has been a three-time delegate to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - as both a delegate of the Worldwide Association of Girl Guides and this year as a member of the Canadian Youth Delegation. Megan has actively worked at bringing environmental advocacy and awareness to the non-formal education programs within girl guides, which engages the next generation in understanding the importance of sustainability. Megan is currently working with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society.

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