Outrage over Radio-Canada/CBC's coverage of Gaza massacre

May 6, 2018

Outrage over Radio-Canada/CBC's coverage of Gaza massacre

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Bruce Katz from PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity) and Hanna Kawas, Chairperson of the Canada Palestine Association, both sent letters of outrage to Radio-Canada/CBC over what they describe as bias and misleading coverage of the ongoing violence in Gaza. Canada's public broadcaster is accused of justifying the murders committed by the occupation army and blaming the victim.

So far over 40 Palestinian demonstrators were shot and killed by the Israeli occupation army and over 6000 were injured since the 'Great March of Return' protest of March 30. 2 journalists are among the dead and several among the injured.

We talked to both activists about their letters and the responses they received from Radio Canada-CBC.

This interview was conducted by Sawssan Kaddoura for Under The Olive Tree (www.facebook.com.uot.ckut)


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