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"Remix the Myth for a New Reality"

Kanene Holder on race, protest and the #OccupyWallStreet movement

by Tim McSorley

"Remix the Myth for a New Reality"

For over 20 days, Occupy Wall Street has been holding down Liberty Square in the heart of Wall Street. The movement has prided itself on developing tools for direct democracy, exemplified by the daily general assemblies where hundreds come together to discuss the priorities, goals and actions of the group. Consensus-based, collective decision-making, say many fo those involved, is at the heart of the movent.

And while it is clearly growing and expanding, both in NYC and across North America, questions have persisted about whether it is truly inclusive. There have been reports of people of color, especially, feeling excluded and marginalized withing the movement. On October 1st, in response, the People of Color Working Group was formed.

In this interview, POC-WG media liaison and Harlem resident Kanene Holder speaks of the energy and excitement of the movement, the need for the POC-WG and the growing recognition of the particular struggles of people of color withing the Occupy movement, and her optimism for where it is heading.

Part I (above): The development of Occupy Wall Street

Part II: The People of Color Working Group and building a more diverse movement

Part III: Are you optimistic?

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bar baz


Uhh... Obama Shirt?

Please tell me there's some anti-Obama slogan under the prez's picture on her t-shirt. The man is a lying, mass murdering, pro-torture, anti-freedom imperialist scumbag. If the fact that he's a "POC" is getting him a free pass on that shit, that really says a lot about where identity politics can (mis)lead you.

We didn't discuss her

We didn't discuss her t-shirt, and I can't remember what else it said. But in speaking, there definitely wasn't any Obama-loving going on. Kanene knows this post is up, so if she has anything to add, I'll leave it to her.

Out of curiosity, did you listen to what she has to say before questioning her clothing choices?

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