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Moira Peters

January 18, 2011 • Halifax Media Co-op

Pricy Jets a Nice Haul for Lockheed Execs

Halifax Peace Coalition celebrates King, Eisenhower in picket against F-35s at Stadacona

» Story: by Moira Peters - 2 comments

January 1, 2011 • Halifax Media Co-op

December in Review: Convention Centre Bust, Education Cuts, Midwifery Ruts

The Halifax Media Co-op's review of underreported news from December

February 21, 2010 • Vancouver Media Co-op

Building Blocs

Olympics resistance chooses a diversity of tactics

» Story: by Moira Peters - 5 comments

February 16, 2010 • Vancouver Media Co-op

A Lot to Live For

DTES residents highlight housing needs by occupying VANOC lot

» Story: by Moira Peters

February 15, 2010 • Vancouver Media Co-op

This Is Where the Revolution Starts

19th Women's Memorial March honours 3,000 missing and murdered women

» Story: by Moira Peters - 2 comments

February 13, 2010 • Vancouver Media Co-op

"Criminal Element" is VANOC and IOC

ORN says state violence disproportionate to protest damage

» Story: by Moira Peters - 9 comments

February 13, 2010 • Vancouver Media Co-op

We Say Protest, We Say Party!

» Story: by Moira Peters

February 12, 2010 • Vancouver Media Co-op

Cops Get Hands-On Early in the Game

BCCLA offers third-party observation at Olympic resistance actions

» Story: by Moira Peters

February 10, 2010 • Vancouver Media Co-op

Media Invited to Stand with Missing and Murdered Women

Press asked to be part of the change, not perpetuate the problem

» Story: by Moira Peters - 1 comments

December 27, 2009 • Media Co-op

Pregnant Anti-Mining Activist Assassinated in El Salvador

Second opponent to Pacific Rim slain this week

» Story: by Moira Peters - 2 comments

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