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Worlds' Wars

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What has this cat swallowed?
What has this cat swallowed?

World War 3 began in 1939, we have the numbering wrong. World War 4 began with Victory in Japan and the rise of global Fascism and continues today; by which I mean the indistinguishably of corporate and government agendas. 

WW1 was the removal by whatever means of the rights and power of indigenous populations, and started slowly - our machines were slow - and picked up the pace as the ability to subjugate became more efficient. These wars never end precisely but fade away into the next level of technical ability. The rise of generalized artificial intelligence and its embedding with the military/industrial/corporate/entertainment/government complex, the stock for our acronym soup if you like, will mark World War 5 and the end of the need for free thinking humans.

World War 2 began with the carefully planned execution of Ferdinand in 1914 and was a consolidation period for the major arms manufacturers to sell their wares to both sides. This of course had always been happening but the scale now became epic. The introduction of fractional reserves toward the beginning of WW1, late 1600's, made this possible.

The break of major hostilities from 1919 - 1939 enabled the build up of the technologies of mass killing to be agglomerated by both, artificially created by fractional bankers, sides. We have been suffering within a dream of the brandy snifter set in London, Washington, Moscow... and will continue to so suffer without a treaty analogous to that of the Six Nations applied on a global scale.

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