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Do English-speakers in Canada know the World Social Forum is happening in Montreal in August?

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Groups wanting to register self-managed activities at the upcoming World Social Forum have to do it by the end of today, June 15th, to get on the program. But it seems that few people in anglophone Canada know about the World Social Forum, happening in Montreal, August 9-14.
It is the first time the event is happening in the global north, 15 years in. 
I haven't done thorough research on this (which is why this is a blog and not a story), but judging by the reporting and organizing I have been doing from Toronto over the last year, I have overheard only one conversation about the World Social Forum (WSF). And I've seen zero online discussion, aside from an email I got a day ago about the deadline (on June 15) to register self-managed activities. And the WSF is less than two months away.
Maybe I'm in a bubble. A Toronto activism bubble. But when I ask around in broader social movement circles in English Canada, including in Montreal, this event is barely on peoples' radars. Big name mainstream organizations like Environmental Defence, Leadnow, Dogwood Initiative, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and 350 Canada aren't on the list of involved groups. And this little tally notably leaves out the many more radical groups all across the country doing land defence, anti-racist and anti-poverty organizing who also appear uninvolved with the WSF.
Now, I don't know exactly how these forums work, so I'm unsure whether the rest of Canada should be doing a better job getting involved with this, or if the WSF organizers should be doing a better job engaging those outside Quebec.
My sense, from a few conversations, is that a lot of the organizing is happening in French and isn't being communicated to English Canada. On the other side of the language divide is the info of what is being organized for the WSF in Montreal isn't all that interesting to rad organizers. But it's hard to say, given that the WSF has barely been discussed in independent anglo media.
I hope this isn't all true. Maybe there is a grand communications push coming, just in time. A number of interesting attendees from around the world will be there, and there is some potential for interesting things to happen, both in the event and at the off-shoot World Forum on Free Media (Aug 7-14). 
But will there be enough to draw anglo organizers from the rest of Canada to Montreal for a week in August? 

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