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Re: Canadians Bombing Syria

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Re: Canadians Bombing Syria

For the Harper government to bomb ISIL targets in Iraq and now Syria including thousands of innocent civilians without taking responsibility for creating ISIL in the first place further exacerbates the problem of finding a just and peaceful resolution to the conflict in the Middle East.  The analysis needs to begin by acknowledging that much of the wealth of the 1% in Canada derives from being part of a multinational industrial-military complex that seeks by military expenditure and force to dominate and control the people and governments of the Middle East in order to control their oil. In an election year where elections are to be won by spending accumulated “war chests” on advertising, war mongering abroad and enhancing internal surveillance and detention at home, can be sold to the voters as patriotism and security. Without an initiative coming from civil society at the grass roots to reframe Canadian development from a human rights perspective, life for the 99% in Canada and the Middle East will continue to deteriorate.

 If you link free trade agreements, with the 2014 legislation which will permit the pollution of thousands of lakes and rivers across Canada along with Bill C-51 which will recast civil opposition to dirty oil exportation and the expansion of extractive industries as terrorism, you can see that the focus of Conservative government policy is to further enrich the 1% at the expense of the poorest (First Nations people) and the biological unpinning upon which we all depend (even the 1%) Of course the expenditure on war mongering and internal surveillance will come with either a reduction in public services such as education, health and infrastructure or will be added (and if possible hidden) to the expanding national debt. It appears that expenditure on war has neither justification nor budgetary limits.

Doug Rigby, jpc (just plain citizen)

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