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2014 Media Co-op Members Survey Results

Blog posts reflect the views of their authors.
In August, we sent out a survey to members and readers, and asked them to fill it out. Given the length and the fact that we sent it in August, we're quite happy with the 91 responses we received. This is a summary of the results.
Of the 90 who filled out the survey...
9 described themselves as regular contributors
29 had posted content to the Media Co-op site before (hereafter: "contributors")
17 are sustainers
25 are subscribers to the Dominion
22 are non-members
(Some categories overlap.)
And here's where they were residing when they filled out the survey:
20 Ontario
15 Quebec
15 Nova Scotia
11 British Columbia
6 Alberta
4 New Brunswick
4 Manitoba
3 United States
3 Saskatchewan
1 Prince Edward Island
The following breaks down their responses to the questions (in bold). If a certain group (e.g. sustainers, contributors, subscribers or non-members) answered quite differently than others, that is noted at the bottom. Remember that only two sustainers, for example, would have to answer differently to achieve a 10% difference in their registered enthusiasm for a category. For the most part, what's remarkable is how similar the different categories of respondees are -- collectively speaking -- in their responses. In a small number of cases, some people also checked more than three. Tsk tsk.
In your opinion, what are the most important things the Media Co-op does? (check no more than three)
77% On the ground coverage of movements (e.g. Elsipogtog)
63% Training for independent journalists
35% Regular issues of the Dominion
35% Local coverage of ongoing issues/situations my community
29% Collaborative coverage of events (e.g. G20, Olympics)
20% Supporting the creation of new locals
15% Special issues of the Dominion (e.g. tar sands, olympics)
15% Local coverage of events in my community
9% Other
8% Administrative support for the network
Contributors: 90% coverage, 60% training
Sustainers: 60% regular issues
Subscribers: 45% regular issues
Non-members: 95% ground coverage
Which of the following best describe how you view your support for the co-op? (check no more than three)
57% Support for journalists
47% Support for a political project
47% Support for media infrastructure
43% Support for a public service
26% A subscription to a news magazine
9% Other
8% Payment for service
2% Payment for a product
Sustainers: 35% subscription to a newsmagazine
Subscribers: 44% subscription to a newsmagazine, 56% support for public service
Contributors 66% support for political project, 55% support for media infrastructure
I love it when the Media Co-op produces... (check no more than three)
68% In-depth features
53% Coverage of breaking news
42% Analysis
25% Interviews
25% Opinion / commentary
14% Photo Essays
13% Infographics
11% Video
8% Audio
7% Live blogging
5% Tweets
4% Round table discussions
2% Other
Contributors: 72% In-depth features
Sustainers: 88% in-depth features, 59% analysis
Subscribers: 88% In-depth features
The Media Co-op needs to do more… (check no more than three)
33% Coverage of breaking news
31% In-depth features
26% Analysis
18% Infographics
15% Other
14% Interviews
14% Video
13% Opinion / commentary
13% Round table discussions
11% Photo Essays
10% Live blogging
8% Audio
3% Tweets
Subscribers: 44% in-depth features
Contributors: 21% round table discussions
For which of the following topics do you most appreciate the Media Co-op's existing coverage? (check no more than three)
71% Indigenous
59% Environment
33% Poverty
24% Mining
21% Economics
21% Tar Sands
19% Foreign policy
16% Labour
13% Gender
13% Migration
11% Cooperation
9% Health
9% Housing
8% The North
8% Other
5% Sexuality
1% Sports
Contributors: 48% mining, 34% foreign policy
Sustainers: 94% indigenous, 35% labour, 35% mining
Non-members: 71% environment
Which topics should the Media Co-op cover more often? (check no more than three)
26% Environment
26% Economics
24% Foreign policy
23% The North
22% Poverty
21% Health
19% Labour
18% Cooperation
16% Indigenous
14% Gender
14% Housing
12% Other
11% Sexuality
11% Tar Sands
9% Migration
7% Mining
3% Sports
Subscribers: 32% north, 32% health
Sustainers: 35% economics, 24% gender, 24% housing
Contributors: 28% cooperation, 14% environment, 21% sexuality
How would you like to have more opportunities to participate in the Media Co-op?
23% Writing
23% Learning
18% Editing
14% Other
12% Proposing projects
10% Organizing
9% Donating to specific projects
8% Outreach
1% Administration
Have you posted anything on a Media Co-op website? (check all that apply)
32% I have posted content (event, blog, article, video, audio, etc)
27% I have posted comments on Media Co-op content
17% I have edited, copy edited or fact-checked content
1 I am a regular contributor
8% I tried, but it didn't work or I gave up
Seriez-vous intéressé-e à voir plus de contenu en français sur les sites de la Coop média?
27 absoluement
27 pourquoi pas?
17 no response
15 I don't get this
2 bof
How would you like to have more opportunities to participate in the Media Co-op?
23% Writing
23% Learning
18% Editing
14% Other
12% Proposing projects
10% Organizing
9% Donating to specific projects
8% Outreach
1% Administration
Members were asked to rate their responses to a series of statements, from 1 to 5, with 5 being total enthusiasm.
The averages of their responses are listed below.
Overall Contributors Sustainers Subscribers  
3.14 3.11 3.65 2.84 I often share Media Co-op content with friends
3.52 3.21 3.71 3.2 I often tell people about the Media Co-op
2.90 2.58 2.71 2.48 In proportion to my involvement, I feel like I am part of the decisionmaking process at the Media Co-op
2.93 2.51 2.71 2.56 Many of my friends are Co-op members
3.45 2.88 2.82 3.24 I would like to be more involved in the Co-op
4.41 2.94 4.53 3.64 I am proud to be a member of the Media Co-op

There were many written responses (52 pages worth). Those are not currently publicly available to be sensitive to those who submitted, but if you email, I'll send you the link.

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