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Critical perspectives from Kanehsatake

Blog posts reflect the views of their authors.

For those looking for other perspectives about the mini-crisis in Oka (on the 20th anniversary of the real crisis in Oka), check out The Struggle for the Pines, by Clifton Arihwakehte Nicholas.

On, Mohawk journalist Dan David has some good, sharp media criticism from back in July, and a more recent piece called Doin' the Oka Shuffle. An excerpt:

The language is interesting. The area that the Mohawk “claim” to be an “ancient, sacred burial ground” is a fenced-in cemetery, complete with great big signs saying it’s a cemetery, and lots of headstones. But the word “cemetery” is boring. So reporters or their producers and editors insert words and phrases that connote some mysterious tribal significance, an almost religious or spiritual import to the events unfolding at Kanehsatake. They use this type of language despite charges by the Mohawk that the story is much more mundane: that it’s about a carpetbagger from Montreal seeking to flip some land and make some money.

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