MEDIA RELEASE: Junction Creek Stewardship Committee Inviting Community to Celebration

May 18, 2012

MEDIA RELEASE: Junction Creek Stewardship Committee Inviting Community to Celebration

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News Release
May 26, 2009

The Junction Creek Stewardship Committee is inviting the whole community to celebrate eleven years of working together to restore the waterway.

 The 4th annual Junction Creek Festival is taking place Sunday, May 27th at Adanac Ski Hill from 11am to 2pm. The Junction Creek Stewardship Committee (JCSC) was formed in 1999 with the mission to “restore all life to the Junction Creek ecosystem: native wildlife, insect and plant life, and to improve the quality of life for humans as well.”

The JCSC has been reintroducing brook trout into the waterway in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources since 2000.
The hatchery-raised trout are provided as a donation from the OMNR. Members of the public are asked to keep an eye out for brook trout in the stream, and to let the group know if they see one.  

The survival and the distribution of these fish depend on the health of Creek. Since the first release there have been trout spotted in many areas of the Creek which were once uninhabitable.  

 The initiatives undertaken by the Committee with the help of valued volunteers are:

  • Garbage clean ups along the Creek
  • Brook trout re-introduction
  • Re-vegetation of the Creek shoreline
  • Research programs to monitor Creek recovery
  • Bioengineering installations to mitigate bank erosion
  • Working with the public as well as industries to improve promote  awareness and best practice

The festivities will begin with the trout release at 11am, but the fun does not end there... There will be live music, planting, a BBQ lunch and free cake, bug identification, games and much more!

Please see attached invitation poster and for more information or visit us at to learn more about the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee and its initiatives.