MEDIA RELEASE: Sudbury Arts Council Celebrates Proclamation of Arts Month

Sep 17, 2012

MEDIA RELEASE: Sudbury Arts Council Celebrates Proclamation of Arts Month

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Sudbury Arts Month Proclamation celebrated at Sudbury Arts Council Annual Meeting:


September is Arts Month in Sudbury as proclaimed by the City in a special proclamation signed by Mayor Matichuk to launch the Fall and Winter Arts Season in Greater Sudbury and area with many events taking place such as Cinefest, The Jazz Festival, Music and Theatre productions, Art Shows etc.  The proclamation urges “all citizens to take the time during this month and throughout the year to experience creativity and artistic expression in all its forms and to support the Sudbury Arts Council’s mandate to connect, communicate and celebrate the Arts”.  The document is displayed in the attached photograph with Sudbury Arts Council Board member Timothy Pella and Sudbury Poet Laureate Daniel Aubin.


A new constitution for the Arts Council was approved at the Annual General Meeting updating the last revision in 1998.  The Arts council is a non-profit charitable organization which has been in existence since 1973.


Members of the newly elected board for the Arts Council are:  John Lindsay, John Gaul, Gord Harris, Gord Drysdale, Barb Constintine, Timothy Pella, Linda Cartier, Vally Laflamme, Andy, Lowe, Johanna Westby and  Vicki Guihula.  The executive for the board will be chosen at the Boards next meeting on Nov. 1st


Currently projects under considering by the Arts Council are the development of an “Arts Junction” facility and creation of a “Literary Festival”.  A special event is also planned for the end of the month to celebrate Culture Days. 


Reported at last nights meeting were preliminary results of a survey now underway by the Arts Council asking members of the community questions related to the Arts.  To date approximately 100 responses have been received indicating the following.


98 percent feel that Arts and Culture activities, concerts, plays, exhibitions etc improve the Quality of Life in Greater Sudbury and Area.


97 percent feel that the City should have a positive Arts and Culture Policy and more dedicated resources directed to support the Arts in cooperation with an independent citizen group such as an Arts Council.


97 percent also felt that the City should support an Arts Council as do other cities of similar (and smaller size) in most other communities in Ontario.


97 percent also saw value in being advised by e-mail of Arts Activities in Greater Sudbury and area as currently being provided by the Sudbury Arts Council with listing also on the Arts Council Website.


88 percent saw value in the City producing a Community Guide twice yearly with Arts and Culture Activities and listings, Leisure Services, Civic Information and Tourist and Visitor information and delivered to all households (in printed form as well as being available on the Internet).


During the past year 78 percent indicated they had attended an exhibition, 58 percent a professional theatre performance and 44 percent an amateur performance, 55 percent had visited a museum, 82 percent at concert and 96 percent a Festival.


Almost half the survey respondents were over the age of 50 while 44 percent were aged 30 to 50 and just 4 percent under 30.   Those completing the survey to date were comprised almost equally between those who consider themselves Artists and those who are Patrons of the Arts.


The Arts Council is facing operational financial challenges having been denied city funding for the second consecutive year following many years of financial support.  This situation will be explored in the coming months, hopefully in consultation with the City. 


John Lindsay Chair, Sudbury Arts Council