MEDIA RELEASE (RRA): Community Volunteers gather to put the finishing touches on a new trail project.

Sep 25, 2012

MEDIA RELEASE (RRA): Community Volunteers gather to put the finishing touches on a new trail project.

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Community Volunteers gather to put the finishing touches on a new trail project.


Community volunteers gathered to put the finishing touches on a new section of the Junction Creek Waterway Park/Trans Canada Trail on Saturday, Sept 22nd at the corner of Riverside Drive and Worthington Crescent.


Joined by volunteers from Canada World Youth, they planted trees, picked up litter and did some basic landscaping in what has been described as a pocket park.  According to Wikipedia, a pocket park is a small park accessible to the general public. Pocket parks are frequently created on a single vacant building lot or on small, irregular pieces of land.


“The Junction Creek Waterway Park forms a portion of the Trans Canada Trail as it passes through Greater Sudbury from Kelly Lake Road and into Downtown Sudbury. And this small section is especially sweet as it gives pedestrians access to this incredibly beautiful yet hidden area which is in very close proximity to Downtown Sudbury,” said Samantha Baulch, President of Rainbow Routes Association.


The construction of the switch back trail leading down from Riverside Drive to the bank of Junction Creek was undertaken by Rainbow Routes Association and her partners the City of Greater Sudbury, Trans Canada Trail, Employment Ontario and the Northridge Savings and Credit Union.


David Courtemanche and Franco Mariotti are co-chairs of the Connect the Creek Partnership, which arranged this community work day. When asked what the goals of the partnership were, Mr. Courtemanche stated that, “the Connect-the-Creek partnership is a community-based, volunteer-driven initiative to create a linear park along the full 18-km length of Junction Creek, from Maley Drive in the northeast section of Greater Sudbury to Kelly Lake in the southwest; to date more than 2/3 of the linear park has been completed and we are looking toward full completion by 2015.”.


A “Healthy Community” initiative, “Connect the Creek” is composed of community volunteers and representatives from the following: Rainbow Routes Association, Junction Creek Stewardship Committee, Conservation Sudbury and the City of Greater Sudbury


( Pictured: 30 volunteers from our community and Canada World Youth, with representatives from Ukraine and all across Canada, came out to plant, landscape and pick up litter at Sudbury's first "Pocket Park." It forms part of the Trans Canada Trail/Junction Creek Waterway Park system and is located at the corner of Riverside Dr and Worthington.)




FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL: Deb McIntosh, Executive Director   

705-674-4455, x 4603