MEDIA RELEASE: Local Groups Get Together at Sudbury Green Gathering

Nov 6, 2012

MEDIA RELEASE: Local Groups Get Together at Sudbury Green Gathering

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News Release                                                         For immediate distribution
                                                                                                        November 5, 2012

        You are invited to make a difference!
        On October 17, local green groups met for this year’s fall Green Gathering.  There are many wonderful groups and individuals making a difference for our environment, here in Greater Sudbury.  All have their own focus and passion, but together they agree on four top local priorities:

        * Supporting local food and agriculture

        * Keeping our natural environment healthy and protecting important green spaces

        * Protecting water quality and keeping our lakes and waterways clean and healthy

        * Supporting sustainable transportation:  walking, cycling, and transit

        Important in their own right, these priorities also address Climate Change, and contribute to a liveable community.
        The Green Gathering was a chance to share information, explore collaborations, and create action plans for these common priorities.  For more details, contact
        We can all get involved!  
        Here are three simple things you can do today to make a difference on these top priorities for our local environment:
         1.  Support local food and local farmers:  get a membership at Sudbury's local food cooperative Eat Local Sudbury, and sign up for their weekly e-newsletter that will keep you posted on the local products available, and opportunities to learn the skills you need to grow and preserve food yourself.       
        Memberships can be bought at the store (176 Larch), or from their on-line store at  
        2.  Speak up for clean lakes, a healthy natural environment, and safe & convenient active transportation.
        The City is currently reviewing its Official Plan, which is the ‘rulebook’ for how the city will grow and change.  Let them know these are important to you!  This and any other input can be sent to
        3.  Get connected to local green events and information.
        Get informed on local green events, issues, and actions with the Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury e-newsletter.  Contact to get on their e-mailing list.
        Have a look at some of the great organizations in our community at
        We can all be involved in making a difference!  What will you  do?

        Naomi Grant                                                  Lilly Noble
        Phone:  673-1874                                         Phone: 691-5538
        e-mail :           e-mail :