BLOG (Kate Mackenzie): Please Support Your Local Food Co-op!

Dec 19, 2012

BLOG (Kate Mackenzie): Please Support Your Local Food Co-op!

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[The following call for support for a local food co-operative that is in the midst of financial difficulties comes from Kate Mackenzie, who is active on the organization's board.]

Hello dear friends of the Eat Local Sudbury Co-op,

I'm writing you directly as a friend and as a co-operative member :)

You may have heard or read that the co-op is going through some financial difficulties - we knew that we would hit a thin patch around this time, and indeed we are. The board has decided to appeal to our members to ask that people shop more at the co-op. Perhaps you have some holiday shopping left to do - you could buy a membership or gift certificate for a friend, or some apple cider for a warm evening drink, or some wonderful soaps ...

Eat Local has successfully been supporting local farmers for 5 years and hopes to continue that work into the future. We’re planning for the future, and you’ll continue to hear more in January, but in the meantime we need you to come and use the store and let us know that you’re going to be involved in the long run.  

The board is going to volunteer on Sundays starting this weekend and through January as we heard in the members survey that people want the co-op open longer and that parking is a deterrent for many. Our holiday hours are:

Wednesday, December 19th, 11-6
      * Thursday, December 20th, 11-8
      *  Friday, December 21st, 11-6
      * Saturday, December 22nd, 9-4
      * Sunday, December 23rd, 11-4
      * Monday, December 24th, closed
      * Tuesday, December 25th, closed
      * Wednesday, December 26th, closed
      * Thursday, December 27th, 11-8
      * Friday, December 28th, 11-6
      * Saturday, December 29th, 9-4
      * Sunday, December 30th, 11-4
      * Monday, December 31st, closed
      * Tuesday, January 1st, closed
      * Wednesday January 2nd, 11-6

Visit the Eat Local Sudbury Co-op website to learn more about the organization!