MEDIA RELEASE: New Cycling Ambassadors Trained in Sudbury

Nov 14, 2011

MEDIA RELEASE: New Cycling Ambassadors Trained in Sudbury

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Date: October 27, 2011


New Cycling Ambassadors Trained in Sudbury

Rainbow Routes Association recently began the Sudbury Cycles Project with the goal
of to establish the conditions necessary to make cycling safe for and accessible to
Greater Sudburians of all ages, abilities and incomes thus creating a more active and
healthy community with fewer cycling injuries.

In order to do this, Rainbow Routes facilitated training for 14 individuals in an
advanced course on defensive cycling. This 2 1⁄2 day CAN-BIKE 2 training course
covered proper lane positioning, effective and efficient cycling in heavy traffic,
collision avoidance techniques and many other skills. The new “cycling ambassadors”
will go on to teach cycling skills to the general public next year.

The Bike Education program is currently in development and CAN-BIKE training will
continue next spring.

For more information about the Sudbury Cycles Project contact Janet Evans at
705.674.4455 ext. 4535 or visit

CAN-BIKE 2 Partners:
Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion
City of Greater Sudbury
Sudbury & District Health Unit
Social Planning Council of Sudbury
Homewood Suites by Hilton
Rainbow ROUTES Association