MEDIA RELEASE - Occupy Sudbury is Looking to Raise the Rates

Dec 9, 2011

MEDIA RELEASE - Occupy Sudbury is Looking to Raise the Rates

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Occupy Sudbury has come to a consensus agreement to endorse the Raise the Rates Campaign promoted by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). The Raise the Rates Campaign demands the minimum wage be increased to livable levels and the rates for OW and ODSP be restored to their pre-Harris rates. They also ask that the Special Diet be restored to a benefit of up to $250 for food and the complete reversal of all intrusive measures.

Occupy Sudbury recognizes that these goals would provide great assistance to many Ontarians. One in six Ontario employees works at minimum wage or near minimum wage and 1.7 million Ontarians live below the poverty line. Something must be done now to help remedy this situation. The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty's demands would be a good step in this direction. These demands acknowledge the problems face by both the employed and unemployed.

Occupy Sudbury sees this as but one step in a larger process of change that is required to promote equality, sustainability and a healthy democracy. We endorse these goals, but aim towards many other goals as well. We invite the public to join us in conversations as to what the future could look like. Visit us at Memorial Park and online at