The Dominion is hiring!

Aug 26, 2010

The Dominion is hiring!

This post has not been approved by Media Co-op editors!

The Dominion Newspaper Cooperative / Media Co-op is hiring a part-time administrator to communicate with the Co-op's membership.  The individual will work closely with the Media Co-op team in Montreal and be responsible for communicating with members about subscriptions, distribution, donations and sustaining. 

The position may expand to include bookkeeping and payroll in the near future, so experience in managing finances and working in Simply Accounting are an added bonus. 

The individual will also have the opportunity to learn more about other aspects of the Dominion's day-to-day operations by working with the editorial collective in the Dominion's Montreal office. 

The position is for 8 hours per week at a rate of $9.50 per hour with a start date in mid-September. If bookkeeping is introduced into the job description, hours will increase to 12 per week. 

Please send your resume and cover letter to with the subject line DOMINION ADMIN JOB no later than September 7, 2010.