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Empires and Apples - Why we need Newt Gingrich for President

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Empires and Apples - Why we need Newt Gingrich for President

By Nino Pagliccia

21 December 2011

Yes. Newt Gingrich should be the next President of United States. The United States needs a President that will accelerate the current trend to international pariah that has maintained for the last thirty years - at least since Ronald Reagan - a trend towards abyss and self-destruction.

Has anyone seen an Empire that has collapsed from the impact of external forces? Hardly. Nazi Germany does not qualify as an Empire. It never grew to be one, luckily. It was nicked at the bud. However, in the process, aspiring Empires have learned a few tricks, i.e. that the military power alone does not get you far enough. Armies are cumbersome to move, at least in the old days. And also, there are borders to be crossed in order to invade other countries, fact that cannot be hidden and is often frowned upon.  Of course, we know that the US, true to its international bully reputation, has not stopped from invading other countries, all it needs is a lie. No need to list those countries here. Just look at a world map.

However, a respectable Empire needs two more legs to stand on: financial and industrial powers. Financial institutions do not recognize any borders and never have to be accountable for the casualties of misery, poverty and deaths they cause. The current economic crisis and the recent Occupy Movement have clearly proven this. As for the industrial complex, on the other hand, all the Empire needs is a few strategic “free trade agreements” that become like a passport with an unlimited visa for the Empire’s goods to cross borders “legally”. Then they produce casualties of minds, spirits, values, and deaths when the “goods” are weapons. In addition, as in a perfect loop, the industrial complex is also needed to support the military complex.

With those three legs the beast is in place and capable of quickly moving in any direction into any country. Seen more realistically, in a dramatic attempt to reshape social organizations, the current US Empire – master of deception - promotes the belief that societies can only dwell in three dimensions: the military, the financial and the industrial dimensions. In other words, it tries to shape societies in its own image. Israel, among others, is the US masterpiece. As of today, we don’t know is Israel is a puppet of the US or vice versa. This is consistent with Gingrich recent statement that Palestinians are an “invented” people. Not even Netanyahu could have said it more blatantly.

Fortunately, albeit after causing much suffering, Empires collapse because they become unsustainable. It’s just a matter of time. Think Roman Empire as the best example – where Nero or Caligula never thought they were making their Empire “unsustainable”; nor did the later war mongering Roman emperors. You can use the Empire of your choice and you will see that they all collapsed because of that modern time term or its equivalent in their days. Is the British Empire a better example being more recent?  The same: Unsustainable.

Now, if Empires were apples and we found a bad apple, we would not say the apple has become unsustainable. We would say the apple is rotten from within and we know the ending of the apple. It is important to say “from within” because that is where the “disease” is. “Wormy apples” are rotten at the core. A moth larva enters the apple and grows to become a caterpillar (a worm) nurtured by the fleshy apple growing around it until found out by the unlucky eater of the apple. Early signs of a rotten apple are small holes where you can see the excrement of the worm, technically called “frass”. But the rot is still deep within.

This reminds me of a joke: What is worse than finding a worm in the apple you’re eating? Finding only half!

If you find the analogy of a rotten apple too disgusting, think of Newton’s falling apple. When the apple is ripe, gravity will inevitably pull the apple and…smash on the ground. Same ending basically. Unsustainable.

Empires that do not get nicked at the bud will grow looking promising to give a good time to your taste buds and suddenly they will spring a nasty surprise on you, unless you look for the right signs: the “frass” on the surface.

The White House and Congress can be considered the core of the US Empire. But how does the apple analogy apply here? How did the rot start and from where? Well, in a fast forward fashion, there was an “invisible hand” that implanted some ideas, which found their way to the core of the country initially supported by many hard working people.  Eventually the ideas grew to the expense of the people themselves, the environment and their value system until they became the threatening size of a military-financial-industrial apparatus that appears in the form of the President of the United States – the head of the worm in the decaying apple analogy, so to speak. And yes, the frass on the surface of the Empire can be seen everywhere if you pay attention.

Do you ever wonder what happens to the worm of the rotten apple, unless the eater chomps on it? It gets out of the apple and hatches another generation of worms ready to attack other apples. Unless, that is, the bad apple is isolated and the worm has nowhere else to go. The worm will eventually self-destruct as a result of its own greed to have the whole apple and beyond. In fact, if the traditional bad apple is not removed from the traditional barrel of apples it will destroy the whole bunch!

I think the conclusion of this analogy is clear. In a series of US Presidents who have done a good job at accelerating the decline of the Empire (Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush still retain the record), the time has come when we need Newt Gingrich to become the President of the United States. It is best to hasten the decaying and isolation of the apple before it damages other apples.

Since Sarah Palin decided not to run and Barak Obama did not do a quick enough job at it, Newt Gingrich promises to be the best catalyst for the fall of the American Empire. The time is...ripe and we had enough...frass already.

Americans, I urge you to please vote for Newt Gingrich for the good of humanity!

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