Mr. harper, it is time do do the right thing and resign

Mar 24, 2010

Mr. harper, it is time do do the right thing and resign

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the“ abuse of detained persons is immoral, illegal and unprofessional .... Torture, and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, is never a morally permissible option, even if lives depend on gaining information .... The methods used (by the military) must reflect the nation's commitment to human dignity and international humanitarian law.”

Mr. Harper,the above quote comes straight from the Canadian military's manual on counter-insurgency.

I remember 3 years ago while living in Halifax and being actively engaged in the Halifax Peace Coalition's campaign to end the illegal and immoral war in Afghanistan, I made the argument to many who were for Canada's involvement in the Afghanistan war, that Canadian soldiers were involved in handing over prisoners to an Afghan army that tortured these prisoners. torture and collaboration with torturers for the purposes of torturing,regardless of whether you label those tortured, soldiers, civilians or enemy combatants,is a war crime.

The U.N convention against torture,to which Canada is a signatory, and other international conventions Canada has signed, along with our own laws, are unambiguous with respect to what torture is. It is unequivocally clear that Canadian soldiers participated in war crimes in Afghanistan. It is also unequivocally clear that you and your governing party knew about this and are now trying to hide it

Mr.Harper,now that it is clear that you do not have the moral authority to govern, we the people demand that you and all MP's of your Government do the right thing and resign. We also demand that you and the MP's of your government turn yourselves over to the International Criminal Court to be tried as war criminals. Anything less then this means that we the citizens of Canada not only have the moral obligation but also the legal obligation to use all options available to us, including propaganda of the deed, if necessary,to see that you and your government account for your crimes. Have fun sleeping with one eye open from now on.

                                            Aaron Doncaster