Sudbury Social Justice News - April 16, 2012

Apr 16, 2012

Sudbury Social Justice News - April 16, 2012

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1) All April: Earth Month

2) Tuesday, April 17: Meeting of Justice and Freedom for John Moore

3) Tuesday, April 17: Next meeting of the Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty

4) Thursday, April 19: Urgent and Important Direct Action Support Mobilization

5) Saturday, April 21: Ontario Day of Action Against Cuts

6) Sunday, April 22: Earth Day Festival

7) Sunday, April 22: Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee Fundraising Rain Barrel Sale

8) Wednesday, April 25: "Taste for Life" - Fundraiser for Réseau ACCESS

Network Sudbury

9) Thursday, May 3, and Friday, May 4: Mayworks Sudbury

10) Friday, May 4: "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" - Benefit for Rainbow Routes Association

11) Sunday, May 13: Wolf Lake Field Trip



1) Recycle the Rim - Community Art Project!

2) Over 165,000 Students On Strike in Quebec Over Planned Tuition Hikes




All April: Earth Month

Check out for a complete list of events associated with Earth Month in Sudbury.



Tuesday, April 17: Meeting of Justice and Freedom for John Moore 

Time: 6:30pm

Location: Little Montreal, 182 Elgin St., Sudbury 

Matters to be discussed include the zine of material about John's case and the various information-gathering steps that people committed to taking at the last meeting in our discussion of where to focus our energies next given the deplorable decision by AIDWYC not to proceed with John's case.



Tuesday, April 17: Next meeting of the Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Location: Sudbury and District Labour Council, 109 Elm St., Suite 209, Sudbury

Matters to be discussed include ongoing direct action support work and organizing against the proposed provincial budget.



Thursday, April 19: Urgent and Important Direct Action Support Mobilization

Time: 1:30pm sharp

Location: Rainbow Centre Food Court, under the "Food Court" sign

Join the Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty in a non-arrestable direct action to protest the provincial cutting of the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB).

CSUMB is a mandatory benefit for all recipients of OW and ODSP. It is either used to pay rental arrears and prevent eviction or to help pay the first and last months' deposit on a new apartment. In some cases, tenants have been issued CSUMB to pay for heating and other basic utilities. Recipients without dependents get a maximum payment of $799 every two years, while those with children receive $1,500. This is no small amount for people who are in dire financial need.

The Liberals have said that CSUMB is not being cut, but "transferred" to the Ministry of Housing, where it will be administered as part of the long-term affordable housing strategy. This is disingenuous. Only half of the funding will be available and even then, there is no clear picture how the program will be maintained. The budget stated that the new version of CSUMB will provide housing supports to people even if they are not on social assistance. This translates to half as much money available to a much larger group of people.

It doesn't add up.



Saturday, April 21: Ontario Day of Action Against Cuts

Time: Bus leaves at 8:00am, returns at 11:00pm

Location: Steelworker's Hall, 66 Brady St., Sudbury

The Sudbury and District Labour Council is organizing a bus from Sudbury to Toronto for the Ontario Day of Action Against Cuts at Queen's Park, which is being organized by the Ontario Federation of Labour. The bus is scheduled to leave from 66 Brady Street at 8am on the 21st.

** There is no cost to the bus but you need to confirm your attendance by April 18th **

Seats are first come first served.

To reserve your seat on the bus or if you need more information, contact:

Sudbury & District Labour Council or (705)674-1223


Tell Premier McGuinty to build Ontario, not tear it apart.

Premier McGuinty put banker Don Drummond in charge of recommending nearly 400 cuts to jobs and public services in Ontario. At a time when Ontarians are in desperate need of economic recovery, these cuts will jeopardize every aspect of society: from health care to full-day kindergarten to pensions. No public service is safe. However, in McGuinty's reckless plan to balance Ontario's books by putting more people out of work and destroying the social safety net, he refuses to roll-back corporate tax cuts that are starving the province of billions of dollars that could be better used to create new jobs and help tens of thousands of struggling Ontario families to get back on their feet.

Ontarians from all sectors of society must come together to tell Premier McGuinty that he cannot cut his way to economic prosperity. Ontarians need a job creation strategy and it is time that banks and corporations began paying their fair share.

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) is working with community groups and organizations across Ontario to call on workers, retirees, students and community members to join a mass rally at Queen's Park from 3:00 to 5:00 pm on April 21 to demand prosperity, not austerity!

Help to mobilize your members, your families and your communities to stop the cuts and put Ontario on the road to economic recovery.

Our collective future depends on it.

This event on Facebook:



Sunday, April 22: Earth Day Festival

Time: 10:00am-4:00pm

Location: Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

Come celebrate Earth Day 2012 in this beautiful setting!

FREE Admission

FREE SHUTTLE BUS at PARIS & YORK St (NW corner lot across from Bell Park). Two half-size school buses will be running all day, starting at 10am, 15 minute bus ride. Last bus out of the Conservation Area around 4pm. Please use the shuttle as parking at Conservation Area is very limited!!

NDCA staff will be giving short guided nature hikes perfect for the whole family, as well as leading nature activities. Try out the First Nations medicine bag making workshop in the Nature Chalet. Enjoy storytelling in the tipi. Or explore the scenic trails at your leisure, or relax by the lake. Please PACK A LUNCH as there will be no food for sale. Drinking water, recycling, composting, restrooms and St. John Ambulance are ON SITE.

RIVER & SKY Camping and Music Festival presents the acoustic stage with Canadian folk genius PETUNIA! 2 sets! Find out about this summer's R&S festival:, or find 'em on facebook

"Everybody's talking about this ultracool, hillbilly cowboy singer from Quebec who keeps traveling back and forth across Canada singing his songs in little joints & coffee houses, collecting new friends, fans - wherever he goes. From what I can tell so far, he seems to be the real McCoy, A delightful mix of Hank Williams, rural rap, appalachian stringband all rolled into one tight, entertaining package."

- Tom Wilson, Jackdaws Pub, CALGARY, AB

More details on the Festival and Earth Month activities at

Due to the outdoor nature of this year's Earth Day Festival, local vendors and exhibits will instead be presented as part of an INTERACTIVE GREEN EXPO at DYNAMIC EARTH the preceding weekend- Sat April 14 & Sun April 15. Check it out that weekend, or contact 705-674-1685 or Dynamic Earth for details on how to exhibit.

This event on Facebook:



Sunday, April 22: Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee Fundraising Rain Barrel Sale 

Time: 10:30am-1:30pm

Location: York Street parking lot at Paris Street, Sudbury is pleased to partner with the Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee. The Committee is working toward the protection and enhancement of the Ramsey Lake watershed. Rain barrels help reduce water pollution by reducing stormwater runoff, which can contain pollutants like sediment, oil, grease, bacteria and nutrients. 

For details and to order your barrel, visit today! 

This event on FaceBook:



Wednesday, April 25: "Taste for Life" - Fundraiser for Réseau ACCESS

Network Sudbury

How can you help? Dine out and have some's that simple.

Here's how:

1. Book a table at one of the locally owned, participating restaurants for April 25th.

2. Go out for dinner with your friends and family and have a great evening!

3. The restaurant will donate 25% of the cost of your meal to Réseau ACCESS Network Sudbury.

Make your reservation early to avoid missing out! Plus, everyone who dines out at 'Taste' will get a chance to win some great prizes.

Over the past five years, you have raised $40,000 through A Taste For Life Sudbury. This means that you have helped support people affected by HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C, just by dining out! Thank you!

Participating Restaurants:

• Anke & Tony Teklenburg's - Long Lake Rd.

• Buddies Café - Azilda

• Curious Thyme's Bistro -Travelway Inn - Paris St.

• Hardrock 42 Gastropub - Days Inn -Elm St.

• La Casa Mexicana - Elgin St.

• My Thai Palace - Notre Dame & new south end location

• Respect is Burning Supperclub - Durham St.

• Ristorante Verdicchio - Kelly Lake Rd.



Thursday, May 3, and Friday, May 4: Mayworks Sudbury

Time: 6:30-9:30pm

Location: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 76, 1553 Weller St., Sudbury

Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts is a multi-disciplinary festival that celebrates working class culture.  Celebrated in many communities across Canada, this festival is the largest and oldest labour arts festival.  It is built on the premise that workers and artists share a common struggle for decent wages, healthy working conditions, and a living culture.  This culture can be found in art, music, drama, and the spoken word.

Mayworks Sudbury and the Sudbury and District Labour Council are pleased to announce northern Ontario's first Mayworks Festival.  On May 3 and 4, 2012 the Windsor Feminist Theatre will present "Riveter", a play written and directed by Joey Ouellette.  Riveter is set in a period of time when men were leaving their jobs to fight overseas during WW2 and Canadian women (including women in Sudbury) assisted in the war effort by working in those jobs and the new ones created by the demands of the war.

As a way of drawing attention to and showing appreciation for the creative expressions of work and labour issues, Mayworks Sudbury and the Sudbury District Labour Council are encouraging submissions from Sudbury's artists/photographers.  These submissions should be reflective of the artist's identify as a worker and their experiences in the workplace.  This art will be displayed for viewing and for sale on May 3 and 4, 2012 before and after the play.

If you are interested in obtaining additional information about Mayworks Sudbury, you want to buy tickets, or you would like to find out more about submitting artistic pieces to be shown at Mayworks Sudbury Festival, please contact one of the people listed below.

Jo-Anne Marshall (705-673-8802)

Bryan Obonsawin (705-560-3330, Ext. 223)

Shelley Condratto - Sudbury and District Labour Council (705-674-1223)



Friday, May 4: "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" - Benefit for Rainbow Routes Association

Time: 9:30-11:00pm

Location: Rainbow Cinemas, 40 Elm St., Sudbury

SB Tuesdays Presents

Pee Wee's Big Adventure - I know your excited Sudbury, but what am I?

This special presentation is taking place May 4th, 9:30pm at Rainbow Cinemas. This is another participation screening, so make sure to dress up as your favourite character and cheer on Pee Wee in his search for his beloved bike! Participation kits will also be provided at the door (while supplies last). This film is rated PG.

All profit from this event will be donated to The Rainbow Routes Association. They are a not for profit organization, dedicated to sustainable mobility through the development and promotion of active transportation routes, including the Trans Canada Trail, in Greater Sudbury.

Tickets are $10 and will be available at Rainbow Cinemas, Records On Wheels, and can also be purchased from all members of SB Tuesdays.

See you there!

This event on Facebook:



Sunday, May 13: Wolf Lake Field Trip

Time: departure at 9:30am, return at 4:00pm

On Sunday, May 13, Mother's Day, come out for a guided hike of Wolf Lake Forest - one of the last old growth red pine forests in the world! This is your chance to experience it for yourself, and find out what you can do to help protect this unique ecological treasure.

The hike will be led by Viki Mather and Franco Mariotti, who are both very knowledgeable about the forest.

Contact: to reserve your spot on the bus and on the hike.

Date:  Sunday, 13 May 2012  - please note that this is Mother's Day

Time:  departure 9:30am (plan to be there 10-15 minutes early), travel time ~1.5 hours, hike ~ 2-3 hours, return before 4:00 p.m.

Cost:  suggested donation of $20 per person to cover the cost of the bus

What to bring:  Dress for the weather and for the woods.  Wear good shoes for hiking.  Bring water, a lunch, some snacks, and any other basics for your daypack  (e.g. sunscreen, small first aid kit, camera...).

Other information:  We will have a waiver to sign before we head out.  Around April 23, we will contact those people who have confirmed to ask that they bring in their donation for a 'ticket' for the bus.  This will contribute towards the cost of the bus, and will help ensure we know who is coming, so that we can give the opportunity to as many people as we can, and not leave empty seats.

We will send a last reminder a few days prior to the hike.

The bus will depart from a central (downtown) location accessible by transit.  A pick-up point in New Sudbury will also likely be provided.  Final details will be sent to you with further notices.




Recycle the Rim - Community Art Project!


I would like to encourage EVERY ONE to pick up discarded coffee cups between now and Earth Day (April 22nd) in and around the Greater Sudbury region THAT HAVE BEEN FOUND OR DISCARDED IN THE STREETS, IN NATURE, AND BY THE SIDE O...F THE ROAD, in (please use protective gloves). Place them in bags (clear bags if possible), AND TELEPHONE ME (919-2304) TO PICK THEM UP. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF RECYCLE BINS OR GARBAGE BINS - WE WANT TO MAKE A POINT OF CLEANING UP THE STREETS AND CLEANING UP NATURE!!! and show how much we impact our environment.

AFTER THEY ARE COLLECTED, bring them to the Laurentian site on April 22nd OR I would be happy to come and collect them at your home, office or school in preparation for a HUGE COMMUNITY art project.

ON APRIL 22ND I want everyone who is available to JOIN N THE FUN for this MASSIVE COMMUNITY ART PROJECT.

WHERE? Laurentian Lake, Sudbury (part of the Earth Day Celebrations there!)

WHEN? from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 (join us for a few minutes or a few hours)

WHO? All ages are welcome to join in

Bring your coffee cups to the site anytime after 10:00 and hopefully before 1:00 on April 22nd (or phone me ahead of time for pick up 919-2304).

All cups, after our celebration, will be upcycled, recycled and turned back TO OUR BEAUTIFUL EARTH in an ecological way!!!

Thank you for your participation. I look forward to meeting all of you!!!!

Betty Ann McPherson Please call me at - 705-919-2304

(psychotherapist and nature junkie)

This call on Facebook:



Over 165,000 Students On Strike in Quebec Over Planned Tuition Hikes

Watch the excellent recent coverage from the Real News Network: