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The Victims of Mind Control Technology

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This is an incomplete version of the poster we are going to paste around downtown Toronto.
This is an incomplete version of the poster we are going to paste around downtown Toronto.

Have you ever come across someone claiming to be the victim of mind control technology, have you heard of these claims about implanted devices, V2K and force speech? What are all the people talking about! Why aren’t the authorities addressing their concerns? Society has refused to address these severe claims of torture and mayhem, blaming the victims of these technologies instead. So that is why we have people handing out brochures, posting in forums and holding up signs downtown. This has been an issue for quite some time, with many claims of torture and mayhem emerging from more than a decade ago. Long time sufferer Galina K likes to hold a sign saying, “Psychiatry and psychology in Canada are tools of oppression against the victims of mind control!” many people have simply been forced to suffer for too long. They have gone to doctors to cry about their ailments, only to be labeled with false psychiatric diagnosis, which further complicate their already difficult lives. Doctors should not be allowed to ignore the legitimate complaints of these victims through the use of illegitimate psychiatric diagnoses! A couple of years ago, Galina took her case before the government of Canada! They refused to believe in the existence of such devices. There is no way for the victims of mind control technology to get society to recognize what is destroying their lives.


“My brain is fried I may never be able to work again!” claims Joshua Byer who has been a victim of these technologies for years and recently learned about how widespread their use is.  So many people have had the lives completely ruined by this technology! Afterwards the public labels them as crazy!

Imagine this, you are trying to live a normal life, get a job, maintain normal social relation. But every attempt you make at doing something meaningful with your life is destroyed by unknown assailants using these technologies! Perpetrators are sending voices directly into your brain, applying electrical shocks and using various other mind destroying techniques to destroy your ability to function properly. What are you supposed to do? Inform the Police?

Go to a hospital? Try calling CSIS? None of these suggestions are going to get you any meaningful help! In fact, going through with these basic ideas may lead to you being held in a mental ward or jail! Sure you can hold signs and hand out brochures about all the terrible torture and mayhem you have been through, but that doesn’t really help does it. Until doctors stop labeling these people as crazy and start addressing the problems of these victims, there can be no justice.


These weapons can be used on anyone, and currently they can and are being used by people who need not fear any consequences! Society should recognize the existence of these technologies! They should not continue to allow people to be tortured and destroyed! The lives of these victims are on the line! Please recognize the existence of these weapons!



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