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It's that time again: Send us your pitches!

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Hi folks,

We're now accepting pitches for the March 2010 issue of The Dominion. Read on to find out all the salient details...

A penny for your thoughts!

The Dominion / Media Co-op pays two contributors each month to write news features: Pitch us your story!

This month, we are particularly interested in:

- The co-operative movement in Canada
- Canadian involvement in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign over the continued Israeli occupation of Palestine
- Canadian forces and migration in Haiti

We are also actively looking for (and prioritizing) solutions-oriented news pieces on stories with a Canadian angle. See our writer's guide for suggested topics and for details about writing for The Dominion:

Pitches are welcome from anyone; priority goes to those who have previously contributed.

To pitch an article, fill out the form on this page:

If you do not have a Media Co-op account (which you can also use to post photos, audio, video and stories directly to the Media Co-op site), you’ll need to set one up. It takes about a minute, here:

The Dominion / Media Co-op currently pays a flat rate of $100 for accepted stories. Articles are either 800 or 1600 words. Editors reserve the right to suggest changes and edit stories (with your participation, of course!). Pitches should capture the content, tone and style of the story you plan to write; if the content of the article submitted differs significantly from the pitch, editors reserve the right to withhold payment. The Dominion accepts pitches at any time.

Deadline for pitches: February 4
Response to pitches: February 5
First draft deadline for accepted articles: February 15
Final draft deadline: February 21

Our next call for pitches will go out on February 15 and will be for our upcoming special issue on the G8 & G20, slated for May 2010.


-The Editors

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