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Call for pitches: May 2010 special issue on the G8 & G20

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The G8 & G20 will be coming to Toronto & Huntsville this coming June. What are these organisations? How do they impact our lives & those around the world? What is Canada's changing role within them?

There are lots of questions that need to be answered, and we hope you'll join us in providing some of them this coming May when we launch our G8/G20 special Issue. We've just sent out the call for pitches. Read on for all the info!


The Dominion is seeking pitches for our May 2010 special issue on the 2010 G8 and G20 summits taking place in Ontario this coming June. Submit your pitches by Feb. 24.

Some of the issues we hope to cover include:

  • G-8, G-20 Security, both past and present
  • Critical analysis of anti-globalization convergences: Can the radical, labour, green and political left movements work together?  
  • Impacts of global economics on Indigenous communities
  • G-8/G-20’s role in resource exploitation, locally and globally
  • From Copenhagen to the G20, global politics and the ecological crisis
  • Stories from the streets of Toronto and Huntsville
  • The effects of global economic forums on previous host cities (Seattle 1999, London/Pittsburg, Kananaskis, Quebec/Montebello)
  • HIV/AIDS and the G summits

We're looking for pieces in a variety of different of formats, not limited to:

  • briefs (150 to 200 words)
  • articles (800-1000 words)
  • features (1,600 words)
  • info-graphics, graphs and maps
  • comics, and illustrations,
  • Online video and audio content online to supplement the special issue.

The Dominion has a modest budget to pay writers and contributors whose pitches are accepted.

If you've got an idea for something you'd like to contribute for The Dominion's G-8/G-20 special issue, please submit your pitch here:

. Deadline for pitches is February 24, 2010.

If you do not have a Media Co-op account (which you can also use to post photos, audio, video and stories directly to the Media Co-op site), you’ll need to set one up. It takes about a minute, here:


We'd also invite you to consult and participate in our discussion group where readers and members are weighing in on what they would like to see in this issue:


If you have any questions, please contact us at

. For more information on the special issue, including organizing launches, donating/advertising, or helping with distribution, please visit

(online shortly). This issue is being produced in conjunction with the newly launched Toronto Media Co-operative, online now at


-The Editors

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