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Byron Sonne granted bail; Crown to challenge conditions of his release

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Byron Sonne
Byron Sonne

(Updated May 16, 11:33pm)

Byron Sonne, the last person charged with crimes related to the G20 in Toronto to remain in prison, has been granted bail by Justice Ian MacDonnell. The terms of his release still need to be reached, but normally he would be released sometime in the next few days.

The Crown, though, has signalled they will be challenging Sonne's bail conditions; it is unclear whether they will challenge his actual release. This is Sonne's third attempt at bail; he was denied the first two times. Because of a publication ban covering all evidence in the case, it is unclear what has changed in order for bail to now be granted. If Sonne is released, his parents, who live in Brampton, will be his sureties.

The Free Byron campaign, a coalition of individuals and groups calling for Sonne's release, has issued a call for supporters to come to court Wednesday morning to show the judge that there is public interest in the case.

"It is extremely important to provide a visible reminder to the criminal legal system deciding Byron’s bail conditions that there are many people closely watching what conditions will be imposed and to Byron, of the many communities uniting in support and solidarity," the group wrote in a statement on a Facebook page.

Sonne has been behind bars for 11 months. Originally charged with six crimes, including possession of explosives for an unlawful purpose, possession of dangerous weapons, intimidation of a justice system participant by threat, and mischief, five of six original charges were dropped in February. He currently only faces four explosives charges (all related to the original one explosives charge), and one charge of "counselling offence that is not committed."

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Call for attendance is *Wednesday*, not tomorrow

Thanks for the follow-up. A couple quick notes:

* The crown is contesting the bail conditions. We do not know yet if they will contest the bail itself.

* The hearing, which we're asking for people to come out to show support for, will be on Wednesday, May 18, 9:30am.

Oops, thanks. Updated.

Oops, thanks. Updated.

Byron Sonne

Release Byron Sonne*

What Changed


"Because of a publication ban covering all evidence in the case, it is unclear what has changed in order for bail to now be granted."


What changed was 5 out of the 6 charges were dropped!



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