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Fundraising for the Co-op as a whole

Fundraising for the Co-op takes time and energy, but it increases the total budget we have to discuss.

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It's crystal clear to me that


It's crystal clear to me that lack of funds is the main barrier to the Media Co-op's growth.  We need more money in order to pay staff a living wage, hire more staff, and pay more writers.  If the project is going to be sustainable over the long run, we need to have a larger budget. 

Yes!  To achieve all of our


Yes!  To achieve all of our growing aspirations we unfortunately need capital.  To better pay staff, editors, contributors, maintain the locals and start news ones we need a steady flow of financial support.  I do like the idea of mass event fund raisers which double to promote the co-op/ locals/ the dominion.  



Everyone hates talking about money. Everyone would rather be writing/editing/kicking corporate ass.

Still, next to paying contributors, building a base of sustainers/fundraising should be the top priority. I'd say harnessing some of the energy of each media co-op to have a huge indymedia fundraising event in their city (propaghandi show? N. Klein lectures? Doc-Festival?) would be a good focus. 

Key to paying more editors


Key to paying more editors and contributors to produce quality content.

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