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Producing the Dominion

The Dominion is the Media Co-op's flagship publication. 1200 copies are printed eight times per year. It brings in subscriber and advertising revenue, and the print publication is a key sustainer's benefit, one that is not available for free online. The Dominion features some of the strongest journalism being produced by the Media Co-op network. Publishing the paper requires substantial staff resources.

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Put it online


I think the publication of the paper should be scrapped and move the Dominion entirely online and use the money saved on printing to pay for journalism and better web infrastructure.



As a very busy person, a paper copy of Dominion is my window on the world of the media coops. I spend lots of time on the computer and my energy level for reading another pdf is pretty low. But a nice steaming Americano and a copy of the Dominion by the fire is usually perfect. So I strongly urge a continued focus on what I consider to be the flagship of media coops efforts...

Also wondering about data


While I do believe in the importance of a print piece for expanding reach, raising awareness, etc., I agree that it would really help to see some data on readership, if we have it. Then we could know whether we're printing enough/too many/too few, if our placement needs to be adjusted, if the format works, if it helps gain new readers and who they are, and so on. Would it be possible to share that information, or gather it if it's not already available?

Some data

Hi Andre,

We print a little over 1,000 copies of each edition of the paper. As of right now, 488 of those go to our subscribers (which includes sustainers) and another 200 go to subscriptions sponsored by sustainers. Another 400 or so are distributed through stores across the country.

Here's a breakdown of how many of those people are members of locals (i.e. they joined since the local started up):

Halifax: 54 subscribers, of which 35 are sustainers.

Vancouver: 57 subscribers, of which 34 are sustainers.

Toronto: 37 subscribers, of which 22 are sustainers.

Total for locals: 148 subscribers, of which 91 are sustainers.

Of the 488 subscribers (includes sustainers), 30% are members of locals.

Of of the 224 current sustainers, 40% are members of locals.

Otherwise put, there are 340 subscribers, of which 133 are sustainers, who are not officially represented by one of the locals.

Since those folks all receive the Dominion, one could make the argument that it's a more important part of being a member for them than it is for people who look forward to the Balaclava, the Tide or the Spoke, but there may be other ways to interpret the data.

The Dominoin has a large


The Dominoin has a large following and is what the Media Co-op has been built on.  It's very important to our sustainers and subscribers and has huge potential to be much bigger than it is. 

just wondering how you know

just wondering how you know that the Dominion is "very important" to sustainers, has there been surveys etc? if so it would be useful if we could read them.


Offer Sustainers and Subscribers the ability to opt out


I think it would be great if there was a way to print less copies, yet retain the sustainer and subscriber income and not alienate those who like to receive a hardcopy.  If there was an obvious way to opt out of receiving a copy in the mail, it might be surprising how many would continue to subscribe and yet read The Dominion electronically.

A part of our reach...


The print edition is critical in gaining readership (both online and on paper) and thereby new funding.  The Dominion is a tangible publication and incentive that folks get in the mail and have mailed to other folks when becoming a sustainer.  It makes the whole co-op more than just a blogsite, and reaches an audience who may not surf for news.  There are changes I'd like to see in the content and packaging of The Dominion but that is up to us all.  

The Dominion should remain the centrepiece


The print publication, as envisioned at the outset, is a tough act to follow. It brings out the best of all other aspects of the cooperative and puts in the hands of the members. There are endless arguments to made on both sides of this debate and cost is a big factor. But my small laptop screen just doesn't give me what the two-page spreads in the Dominion give me. The Wikileaks page in Oct. 2010 is fantastic. I do not like to schlep my laptop around and when I go out of town to visit relatives, I bring reading material to sit with and absorb and possibly discuss and pass around. I don't pack my laptop with me to the classroom. I still make notes with pencil and paper. I am not a Luddite. I use technology all the time. But nothing replaces print for portability, and places to read comfortably.

I think that resources can be better used elsewhere


I would like to see way less money spent on printing, and more going towards other locals and writers.

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