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Artists Against Apartheid VI

celebrating the 75th birthday of artist/activist Freda Guttman

Sunday March 22 2009

Venue: La Sala Rossa
Address: La Sala Rossa, 4848 St-Laurent, Montreal
Cost: sliding scale 5-10$

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Artists Against Apartheid VI

Featuring hip-hop, jazz and experimental music in opposition to Israeli apartheid.

20h00 $5-10
La Sala Rossa
4848 St. Laurent
Montreal, Quebec

A major event celebrating artist/activist Freda Guttman’s 75th birthday in the ongoing Artists Against Apartheid series uniting artists for the struggle against Israeli apartheid.
performances from

Antoine Bustros piano, keyboard, with Benoît Piché on trumpet and Greg Smith on sampler, accompanied by projected excerpts from ‘Territories’ a documentary film by Mary-Ellen Davis. Antoine Bustros is a celebrated film music composer for over twenty years, scoring soundtracks that cover a wide variety of genres and instrumentation.

Meryem Saci and Nantali Indongo the two women MCs from the celebrated Montreal hip-hop group Nomadic Massive, a collective of independent hip-hop artists who are made up of independent artists who have performed to major crowds in Montreal and internationally from Basil, to Cuba to Montreal’s International Jazz Festival.

Karen Young celebrated musician and vocalist joined by Éric Auclair, a duo performance entitled Electro Beatniks. Karen Young is an internationally respected artist who has been performing and writing songs for over thirty years, spanning a wide range of musical styles from folk, to Jazz, to experimental.

Banana & the Flying Colors, music from the edges of Montreal’s experimental music scene, involving piano and keyboards, highlighted by live projections.

Freda Guttman artist and activist will present a slide-show on an art installation called “Canada Park: Two Family Albums”. Canada Park is a Canadian funded colonial park project administered by the Jewish National Fund, constructed over the destroyed Palestinian villages Imwas, Beit Nuba and Yalo, demolished by Israel after the 1967 war which commenced Israel’s ongoing occupation of the Palestinian West Bank.

Artists Against Apartheid is the sixth concert occurring within the campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israeli apartheid.

Tadamon!: Boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israeli apartheid
Tadamon! Montreal
tel: 514 664 1036
email: info[at]

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