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Ottawa, Ontario

Media Democracy Conference: Nov16-18

Friday November 16 2012
- 3:30pm
Sunday November 18 2012

Venue: University of Ottawa - Montpetit 202 (Fri) & Lamoureux (Sat-Sun)
Cost: Free / by donation
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

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This conference is intended for media makers, activists and others who are interested in learning more about alternative media and developing some reporting skills. It will address different issues with the media as well as providing training for media making.

The conference is free or by donation. No advance registration is required. Children are welcome (read our philosophy on kids).

More about the conference:

  • Connect: with like-minded people; with media makers; with ideas and inspiration
  • Cultivate: an apply-able understanding of principles of media literacy (incl. media making)
  • Create: improve media-making skills and perspectives; a network of media makers/activists; a media coop organization in Ottawa
  • Conspire: to come up with plans to have more effective, healthy community media
  • Launch of Media Coop idea in Ottawa: people are aware, able to use, become members


  • Fri Nov 16, 7pm
    Keynote speakers/presentations
    at University of Ottawa, Montpetit Hall room 202
    See the list of keynote speakers
  • Sat Nov 17, 9:30am-5:30pm
    Panel Discussions and Workshops
    at University of Ottawa, Lamoureux Hall first floor
    See the list of workshops/panels
  • Sun Nov 18, 1-3pm
    Special organizing/welcome meeting for the Media Co-op
    at University of Ottawa, Lamoureux Hall first floor / 613-656-5498

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