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National Boycott of farmed Atlantic Salmon

Salmon Feedlot Boycott

Thursday January 17 2013
- 11:55pm
Thursday December 31 2015

Venue: restaurants, sushi joints, seafood stores, grocery stores
Address: Canada
Cost: free
Accessibility: yes

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The Salmon Feedlot Boycott was instigated because gov't at every level has not protected our sacred Wild Salmon or Lobster from an industry that is corrupt, negligent and destructive. The Aquaculture industry is refusing to take steps to protect wild salmon and even their own, as if their only purpose is to pollute and contaminate our oceans for some hidden purpose. Groups and individuals have worked tirelessly to protect wild salmon to no avail, so we believe the only way to stop the destruction is to stop financing the industry by way of 'stop purchasing their poison'. Then they will leave and our wild salmon will have a chance to recover.

The Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River was a $26 million inquiry called by Stephen Harper when Canada’s largest salmon run hit bottom after an 18-year decline ( While specific to wild salmon, the recommendations of this inquiry would also protect Canada’s biggest fishery – Maritime lobster.

The Fraser sockeye decline began when salmon feedlots were placed on their migration route and only the sockeye that swim past salmon feedlots declined. The aquaculture sessions were the only hearings that filled the courtroom. Despite swearing under oath that ISA virus has not been detected in B.C., we learned federal scientists hid evidence of this virus in the most endangered Fraser sockeye run since 2004.

We saw a confidential memo by a senior fish veterinarian reassuring a Minister that ISA virus could not happen to Western Canada, because live Atlantic salmon eggs are not imported. In fact, over 26 million live eggs had been imported to B.C.

After three years of process Justice Cohen recommended:

  • DFO [Fisheries and Oceans Canada] should be relieved of the duty to promote salmon farms, as "promotion of salmon farms might, in some circumstances, prejudice the health of wild salmon stocks."
  • No salmon farm should be granted licence to operate for longer than one year.
  • Siting criteria for salmon farms must be revised to include protection of migration routes. Farms that fail to comply should be removed. [This should be applied to lobster breeding grounds in the shallow bays of eastern Canada.]
  • If at any time it is determined that salmon farms pose more than minimal risk to the health of wild salmon, those farms should cease to operate. [This should apply to the toxic de-lousing drugs that are killing lobster.]
  • "In summary, I have concluded that net-pen salmon farming in the Discovery Islands poses a risk of serious harm to Fraser River sockeye through the transfer of diseases and pathogens." [This has to be applied to the last wild salmon runs of the Maritimes]

There has been zero response from any level of government to the October 2012 release of these and many more recommendations.

Organizer:Brian McKinlay

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