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The Oil Man and the Sea

Free Book Launch with Arno Kopecky

- 9:30pm
Thursday November 21 2013

Venue: Commonwealth Bar
Address: 731 10 Avenue Southwest
Cost: Free

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Alberta Views Magazine invites you to enjoy an evening's discussion and entertainment on Nov 21.
Author Arno Kopecky will share excerpts and photos from his new book, The Oil Man and the Sea, an account of his travels along the BC coastline to follow the supertanker route proposed by Calgary's Enbridge Energy. 
Join Arno and host Tadzio Richards, at the Commonwealth Bar for an engaging, freestyle book launch. We've got a cash bar, great music,  snacks and a wonderful opportunity to engage in conversation and dig deeply into the Northern Gateway and tanker proposal.
Alberta born, Arno is a Squamish BC writer whose interests include globalisation, the environment and indigenous people. His most recent book, The Oil Man and the Sea, is a retelling of his 4 month sail-powered investigation of the proposed tanker route for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.
Arno and fellow adventurer / photographer Ilja Herb navigated the mystical coast line, erratic engines and complex cultural and political currents to collect the stories of hundreds of coastal dwellers and their communities in a successful effort to understand the possible impact of the Enbridge megaproject.
Host Tadzio Richards, is a Calgary based writer/filmaker whose passion for the environment, and knowledge of the oil industry makes him the idea host for a full evening of converstation and inquiry into the personal, social and political issues raised by The Oil Man and the Sea.
Pages Kensington will be on hand for book signing during the launch. Copies of both of Arno's books, The Oil Man and the Sea and The Devil's Curve will be available for purchase.
Registration is Free - Guests names will be listed at the door - No printed ticket required.

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