Media Co-op Special General Meeting

Flex your democratic right!

At the Dominion Newspaper Co-operative's Special Meeting in May, the Co-op's Board of Directors will put forward a special resolution to clarify our status as a not-for-profit. Please see attached documents for details.

what: Dominion Newspaper Co-operative Special Meeting of Members
who: Dominion Newspaper Co-operative membership (YOU!)
when: Thursday, May 13, 2010, 7pm EST
on the phone: 218-844-3380, access code 273996
# (long distance costs may apply; we suggest calling in by Skype if you can)
live stream:

Celebrate Membership Month!

Check out for information about local meet-ups. Vote, then hang out to celebrate owning your media with Dominion and Media Co-op staff, journalists and readers!

Hope to speak to you then!
The Dominion Board