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Identity Politics, Ally Politics, and Revolutionary Solidarity

Talk / discussion with Cindy Milstein, editor of Taking Sides

- 4:00pm
Wednesday November 29 2017

Venue: Compass Centre for Self-Directed Learning
Address: 225 Donald St, #223
Cost: Sliding-scale / PWYC / no one turned away for lack of funds
Accessibility: wheelchair accessible

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Do you want to understand more about activism and social justice organizing using a critical approach to supporting struggles led by others?
Join us for this talk and conversation / learning opportunity with out-of-town guest speaker Cindy Milstein.
Taking Sides: Revolutionary Solidarity and the Poverty of Liberalism (AK Press, 2015), an anthology compiled and edited by Cindy Milstein, features thirteen different perspectives on "solidarity not charity" and "accomplice not ally" organizing. It was inspired by the Ferguson uprising and related solidarity demos in other cities in 2015, and in particular, the struggle that emerged between nonhierarchical, transformative forms of organizing versus a (guilty/savior) ally politics that largely served to uphold the status quo, including the "white supremacy" it was allegedly contesting.
Milstein is in Ottawa on November 29 for her Rebellious Mourning book tour in the evening, and we are happy to be able to offer this event in the afternoon to focus on topics and issues raised in the Taking Sides book, and in the context of circumstances and experiences over the past two years since its publication, including efforts against the recent rise in white supremacist movements.
Copies of both Taking Sides and Rebellious Mourning will be available for purchase at the event. 
This event is open to the general public, and the location and washrooms are wheelchair accessible. 
$$ = sliding-scale / pay-what-you-can / no one turned away for lack of funds.
Compass Centre for Self-Directed Learning is currently in a make-or-break fund-raising campaign, and monies raised will go to the centre's continued operations as well as supporting Cindy's tour expenses.

Poster for this event (8.5x11 PDF file, please print and post somewhere):

Evening event for Rebellious Mourning (also on Wed., Nov 29)
Fund-raising event for Compass (Tues., Nov 28 evening):
"The lines of oppression are already drawn. The only question is, Which side are you on in the struggle against the violence that is white supremacy and policing? Taking Sides supplies an ethical compass and militant map of the terrain, arguing not for reform of structurally brutal institutions but rather for their abolition. Its thirteen essays are sharp interventions that take particular aim at the role of nonprofits, “ally” politics, and “peace police” in demobilizing rebellions against hierarchical power. The authors offer tools to hone strategies and tactics of resistance, and hold out the promise of robust, tangible solidarity across racial and other lines, because in the battle for systemic transformation, there are no outside agitators."
* Some of the book's essays that are also posted online (perhaps as different versions than appear in the book):
Cindy is the author of Anarchism and Its Aspirations, coauthor Paths toward Utopia: Graphic Explorations of Everyday Anarchism, and editor of the anthologies Taking Sides: Revolutionary Solidarity and the Poverty of Liberalism and Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief. Long engaged in anarchistic organizing, social movements, and collective spaces, Cindy was also a death doula for three parents over the past four years.
Compass Centre for Self-Directed Learning exists to support young people in discovering and creating their best possible selves. Compass fosters this process through individualized collaboration between staff and youth. Guided by an advisor, learners take responsibility for their own educations, envisioning and realizing their own goals at their own pace. Young people become leaders in their own lives, and adults become useful mentors and guides.

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