Bayers Road: Expressway and neighbourhood?

A public meeting on the proposed Bayers Road widening will be at 7 pm on Wednesday September 14 at St Andrew's Community Centre, Bayers Road, organized by Councillors Jerry Blumenthal and Jennifer Watts. Staff will give an overview of two items before Regional Council this fall: the recommendation to accept the Road Network Functional Plan that includes the planned widening of Bayers Rd and the proposed establishment of a Transportation Reserve Corridor on Bayers Rd that will define the lines where the future widening would take place.

The project would have considerable impact on the existing neighbourhoods (noise, safety, pedestrian movement, and quality of life), the environment (studies have shown many times that road widening increases car usage), parking impacts on the peninsula, impact on the existing road network in other areas of the peninsula, the direction of the Regional Plan to increase residential density on the peninsula (encouraging attractive liveable neighbourhoods), and ability of HRM to financially support sustainable transportation options instead of the considerable amount of money needed to widen roads and their high maintenance costs.

Residents concerned about this proposal can consider the following actions: